Bernadette Hernandez Is Bruno Mars’ Mother

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Bernadette Bayot Hernandez Bruno Mars mother-pic

Bernadette Hernandez was the proud momma of the Hawaiian, Filipino and Puerto Rican singer Peter Gene Hernandez also known as Bruno Mars.

Bernadette Bayot Hernandez

Mars’ beloved mother was born Bernadette San Pedro Bayot on August 21, 1957 in the Philippines but she also has Spanish roots, she was just a child when her family moved to Hawaii.

The love story between Bernadette who we have come to know as Bernie began when she was an exotic hula dancer and singer, one of the hula dancer that performed at the show when percussionist named Peter Hernandez played, Peter who was born in Brooklyn, NY is half Jewish/ half Puerto Rican also is Ukrainian/ Hungarian descent.

Bernie and Peter got married and had 6 amazing children, his sisters are Jamie, Tiara, Tahiti, & Presly and big bro Eric.

Bernadette Bayot Hernandez Bruno Mars mother picBernadette Bayot Hernandez Bruno Mars mother pics

Little Peter Gene like many members of their family showed his interest in music at a very early age, his father who saw in Peter a resemblance in Bruno Sammartino the legendary pro wrestler, decided to nicknamed his son Bruno.

Bruno Mars family photoBruno Mars familyBruno Mars father Peter Hernandez

Bernie was ecstatic to see her little son, Bruno joining his uncle an Elvis impersonator and the rest of the family in their music band The Love Notes. After Bruno graduated from High School he moved to L.A, she misses him everyday but she is definitely proud of what he has accomplished.

55-year-old Bernadette Bayot Hernandez was rushed to the hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, media reported on June 1st, 2013 that at first her family thought Bernie Hernandez suffered a serious heart attack, adding that her family were by her side, but it was until a day after that that it was confirmed that Bruno’s mom passed away from a brain aneurysm at Queen of Angels Hospital in Honolulu.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bernadette Hernandez’s beloved family, friends and fans throughout this sad time.


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  1. Michelle Herrera says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Bernadette . I hope Bruno Mars continues to play his beautiful music-it’s exactly what his mother would want.

  2. omg he be fine o.o c; ;0 ;3 :3 <3 i got pics of him when he was a lil boy how cute and so does my friend ytzel

  3. ola bruno mars pos mi gusta com you sing y pos i want you to come to la valley for you can eat some frijoles and maybe some ricos tacos yummy verdad they are really good. they are yummy like you ;). pos mi gusta mucho la song when i was your man. ufff tue eres un papasito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estas muy guapo y sexy :) :) 😉 ;). yo voy a la eschela donna high school estoy en 9th grade y tengo 15 anos y pos i want you to come and have a private concert for all the donna high school students. puro redskins peo no chiefs!!!!! no vas a el donna north por que they sucks like big time!!!!! y pos once a redskin always a redskin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo tengo redskin pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;3 :3 y pos mi gusta how you sing like alot!!! <3<3 you should come to donna high school or atleast da valley but we are mexicans down here but we still love you & how you sing!!! that afro tho;) i loke your afro altho you kinda need a haircut. oh by the way im in cosmotolgy you know where you study for hair cutting and all that shit so if you need a hair cut or something just call juana garcia oh and also my friend knwos that to you should call her she likes allyour songs even gorilla and well all of them just belive me. she is also studying cosmotolgy wink wink;) so yeah so no pos wow umm yo mi gusta todas las songs de ti ;3 :3 i hope you can come down here pos i will finish this already cuz my teacher is being a ass!!!!!! well pos bye!!!! :# <3 :s :3 bye bruno mars
    p.s. i love you nah jk i just love your songs pos for real bye….
    p.s.s. YOU COME TO DA VALLEY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s.s.s i want to wake up and see you in donna high school and you to perform there not in donna north but in donna high school
    p.s.s.s.s ok bye

  4. pos hi bruno mars i give all my blessings to your familly for you can do better and them to may god be with you guys <3

  5. Hi Bruno Mars. Or is it Peter Gene Hernandez?

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