Norma Gibson- Fast & Furious Actor Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife/Baby- Mama

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Tyrese Gibson ex wife Norma Mitchell Gibson

Tyrese Gibson a rapper ad actor who played Roman Pearce in the Fast & Furious film series was once married to the pretty Norma Gibson, who recently accused Tyrese of blowing off their little daughter, choosing to go to Dubai instead, but Tyrese said he did went to Dubai, but not for recreation but for business, he had a couple of  jobs there, he needed the money to pay  the child support the same Norma was demanding.

Tyrese and his girlfriend former Pussycat doll member Lyndriette Smith, born Kristal Smith, have been seen walking the red carpet at several events, before Lyndriette there was Norma his wife for just 10 months, by staying married for less than a year to Tyrese, got Norma zero cash during their bitter divorce.

33-year-old Norma Gibson born Norma Mitchell, a former assistant at modeling agency,  has been married twice, both ended in divorce, she got married to the Fast & Furious actor in 2007. She gave birth to their daughter Shayla Lyana Gibson on July 11th, 2007.

Tyrese daughter ShaylaTyrese Gibson daughter

Norma met Tyrese in 2003, she was living in London with her mother, was going to college and was unemployed. They dated for a year before she moved to L/A with him, she found she was pregnant in mid 2006, after their divorce in 2009 he agreed to give Norma $6,230 in support, plus he pays her rent, car lease and all of  Shayla expenses, clothes, school, etc..

Last September Norma Gibson was seeking a raised in the child support he provides, but the judge ruled out in Ty’s favor.

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  1. Kareem Williams says:

    This chick is trippen, Norma Gibson is trying to get famous and she trying to take Tyrese Gibson and put him under the bus.

    • Kareem, you my dear friend are TRIPPING and simply projecting your own negative self image upon other people. Tyrese is guilty of some pretty abusive behavior over the years, some epic ridiculousness on his Twitter and Facebook and generally looks fairly depressed as of later.

      His misogynistic lyrics will NEVER stand the test of time, his last film and tour was panned by critics, and the only time he is in the media anymore is to cry about his EX. As a father myself, I am blown away with how Tyrese puts all his dirty laundry out there and blames a relationship from six years ago for it. What a joker. He claims to have G-d on his side, yet rarely honors the verses with his actions.

      For you Kareem, I pray:
      Leviticus 19:16 You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not stand up against the life of your neighbor: I am the LORD.

      and for you Tyrese, I pray:
      Timothy 5:8 “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for the members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

      • please lets get this correct. there are several lies here. he does not pay her rent, nor any expenses towards his child upkeep just $6000 per month child care. what you don’t know is that tyres obtained a court order in 2007 to evict his daughter and her mother from their home in temecula. his daughter was one yes one month old. tyrese does not love his daughter. he loves himself and uses his daughter to promote himself as a loving father to the public. that is why there is a court order forbidding him from using her at any time in the media. his disregard for the law and his daughter’s safety means that her mother must charge him with being in contempt of court again but he dosent mind, if you go to his Facebook you will see that these entries are deleted after a few days. all these nasty remarks and lies against his ex wife are keeping him alive before the real truth is revealed and it will be revealed with facts to back them up. facts can be produced on paper LIES, SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS COVER UPS, VICIOUS AND VIOLENT ABUSES COVER UPS. cannot be defended. please contact me if you wish at, or sammitchell on Facebook

  2. karlyFardner says:

    LOL, definite psycho, desperate to bilk more money for her personal use

  3. sky Nunez says:

    I just have to say that Tyrese is a singer, not a rapper. And his new girl is not from the pussycats but from the band Richgirls! Who did their research for this article? It’s a shame if Tyrese is trying to be an absent father, but I question some of the details to this story if they got the basics incorrect.

  4. jeanetteearly says:

    well guess you happy so that good. just do no what to say . hope that you find what you need you take care

  5. why do you print things without truth norma received a 90% increase in child support. tyres only pays one half of the school fees, does not contribute towards any rent nor clothes just the flat child care. his constant vitriol and negative comments against his ex have forced her to now come forward with the truth and facts about tyrese which will show him as a very selfish and spiteful person

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