1. Karen Hinkle says:

    He is still engaged I think….but WHEN IS HIS WEDDING????? I’m getting divorced – sooo if it didn’t work out with him and his spring chicken- then here I am!!! :*) *OCEANLOVER*

  2. Sorry to hear the news tonight. 11/30/2013

  3. So sorry to hear bout the bad news such a good actor and will be missed thoughts go out to family r.i.p paul xxx

  4. alonso daniel says:

    He leaves all of us speechless,but its gud dat he’s goinğ to better.RIP walker

  5. He was flirting with a girl at his brother’s wedding who isn’t her – similar but noticeable differences. They haven’t been seen together since 2011, which is when several sources state they broke up. He probably stayed friends with her, especially since he was a great guy and she had bonded with Meadow but I seriously doubt they were still together. Her uncle can say whatever he wants but it’s telling that none of his family ever mentions her, doesn’t it?

    • redriboflavin says:

      Were you at the wedding? How exactly do you know this….?

    • He had moved on.

    • Paul was a really great guy and I imagine that they did stay friends but the fact of the matter is that they were not together when he died and he was not the driver, Roger was. He (Paul) said himself in an interview in late summer of 2013 that he was single, there was only time for Meadow. They did everything together. The fact that they were together for so long just means that the feelings were mutual and they wanted to keep the connection just not on a relationship level. Paul wanted to spend more time with his daughter since she was 15. He said he did not have much more time with her and wanted to make the most of it.

  6. Paul, was a great guy. He and Jasmine had split and they were friends. Paul had moved on.

  7. You are good actor, i am n my soon very very like all U film. God bay Walker,wait me in heaven.

  8. I cannot imagine how devastated they all are. Just as a fan I find myself feeling sad as though it’s related to me. A truly amazing guy, not fair “the good die young”. Imagine we know so much about him after he dies just goes to shows how real he was.

  9. Whether they were still together or not I still think she was lucky to have had him in her life even for a second. good soul**

  10. cassandra jackson says:

    I didn’t know Paul Walker, but I felt his presence in the words and sypmapthy that people from all over the world have spoken of him. He was one in a million, looks, charm, compassion, and devotion to his fellow man. I have stated that I was listening to Celine Dion’s theme to the movie Titanic, I want to devote this song to his memory and to his family and close friends, and especially Jasmine whether she was with him now or not. The point is he had a special place in his life for her once, I hope she takes the words of the song and remember that once you have that special love, it won’t die, that love will go on and on and will last for a lifetime., sincerely cassandra jackson an adoring fan

  11. This week’s issue of US Weekly reported that Jasmine was his ex and the two of them had recently split. Sounds like maybe they were more of an on-again, off- again thing. Considering their age difference, length of their relationship, them not being photographed together for 2 years, and the fact that he wanted to focus more on his daughter, it sounds like maybe they were taking a break or something.

  12. Bewildered says:

    Looks like child rape to me….started dating her at 16?………maybe now she can go back to being a kid and realize he was exploiting her.

  13. I keep reading how this was his girlfriend but I read that they broke up years ago
    so if she was “the one”

    he was he was also dating other women, taking one on trip to S. Africa and a baseball games too so? Maybe they had an open relationship but for sure she was not his fiancée’ in a recent interview just before his passing he set that record straight. He was not engaged to her nor did she have an engagement ring from him…according to people who know Paul.

    I still shudder when I think he was dating an underage girl and her parents allowed this. Pretty weird situation if you ask me

  14. Team PW has posted on facebook that paul walker went to the charity alone. So it probably means neither jasmine not meadow was there with him. Making witness jim torp’s claims incorrect.

    • Sorry I totally misread the part where the posting said “did anyone see paul coming to the event with jasmine” I thought this was referring to the charity event on nov 30

  15. Sincierly he was a beautiful person inside and out
    no one was made for him he just kept on giving beautiful opppurtunities to many women to be in a relationship with an angel from d heavy
    and when he had done enough good to others with his charity and his gratitude God called him back to his real place…… But a little girl Most ser daughter thats so sad…… Rest in paradise angel…… And take birth again and again to make this word beautiful with ur kindness
    and for All the people who r sad for him
    always remember one thing
    kind people die but their kindness live on forever………. R.I.P……

  16. Katie Teall says:

    I have known Jasmine since she was a baby.
    I haven’t seen her in a while but speak to her mom regularly who I consider one of my best friends.
    Jasmine has always been a beautiful down to earth real person and that’s why Paul loved her so much.
    I believe they would have got back together in the end.jasmine just wanted to experience a little more of life before settling down.
    I know for a fact that they were love of each other’s lives
    She was so heartbroken when he passed away and always will be.
    Such a sad story .
    I love you Jasmine and Julie.


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