Ashlie Walker and Amie Walker- Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker’s Sisters

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Paul Walker sisters

Billions of fans have been left heartbroken over the sudden and tragic death of the Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker, the people close to him are still struggle with the pain, his adorable daughter Meadow, girlfriend Jasmine and certainly his family. Ashlie and sister Amie Walker the lovely and beautiful sisters can’t get over the sad loss of their beloved brother.

Ashlie Walker Paul Walker Sister

37-year-old Ashlie Jene Walker Paul sister defended her late brother ferociously against media allegation that Paul and Roger Rodas were not in any speeding competition on the day of the sad deaths.

‘They were absolutely not racing, that’s a complete lie. It hurts us when we hear these lies and it makes our grief worse and more painful.

‘These are irresponsible allegations and people are trying to make out speed and racing was the reason for his death when it was just a terrible accident.


According to media 46-year-old Amie Kaz Walker is Paul’s half sister, daughter of Mr. Walker Sr.’s previous relation, but Amie was close and adore him her brother just like the rest of them, Make visited the makeshift memorial that had grown to include hundreds of votive candles, flowers and messages of grief and condolence, from there, between tears she spoke of her beloved Paul.

“It’s just unbelievable, unbelievable,” she said of the crash. “It just shouldn’t have happened. Everyone mistakes him for a Hollywood actor when he’s the most down-to-earth person you’ve ever met in your entire life,” she said. “Just a wonderful, wonderful person.”

“If it’s just for your love or kindness for human beings or people out there, do that, give from your heart, because that’s what he would have done and that’s what he was all about…That will keep his legacy living on.”

Amie Walker now Amie Kaz is happily married to her beloved husband Roger, together they have a son, Cole Kaz.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Paul I feel very sad we have lost one the greatest of all time actor. He will be missed and to the family keep your heads up may God be with you all.

  2. Why Paul?????….I can’t believe that his gone.His the only actor that made me like movies,i wish it was a dream that i would wake up and find out that his still alive.I believe and i know that his the greatest and the best actor of all times.We the fans we’ll really miss you,the world has lost a hero and the father of universal films.Rest in peace brother,our prayers and love are with you.Sorry for the family of Paul walker.

  3. Ann Hammock says:

    I just want to send my prayers out to the walker family he will be missed by so many people. He has
    Done so good in his life I’m one of his number one fans.

  4. Sandra Emilia dos Santos Marques says:

    Eu amava os filmes de Paul Walker

  5. You,people,need to stop writing about Jasmine like his gf.That girl is not with him from 2011.Soon she will married..

  6. I Still Can’t move on since he died, it feels very much like yesterday!!!

  7. I love Paul Walker and I miss him dearly. I never met him but he feels like a brother to me. What an amazing actor and human being. His passing was tragic. He never had fans, he had family. He had such great spirit and gave respect and kindness to whoever he met or talked to. The fast and furious family miss you. Rest in peace.

  8. My good friends and I want to send our blessings for the Walker family. So sorry for the loss of a beloved actor, father, brother, and we will all miss Paul Walker and his talent. We also loved all of his movies and we are proud of his charity work. Just wish we could of met this wonderful actor.


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