Abduwali Muse-Captain Phillips only surviving Somali pirate

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The picture of a pirate? Abdulwali Abdukhad Muse,Abdul Wali Muse or Wal-i-Musi is the sole survivor of the four pirates who hijacked the MV Maersk Alabama in April 2009 and then held the captain for ransom.

Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse the son of Adar Abdurahman Hassan, claims that his story hasn’t been told. Abduwali Muse was sentenced as an adult to 33 years in prison, as Captain Phillips says, though his age was a controversial issue in the trial. According to a prosecutor, “he gave wildly varying ages for himself but finally admitted he was 18.” Since his arrest, he has tried to commit suicide multiple times, according to his attorneys. The director of the documentary about Muse says that the Somalian declined Sony Pictures’ many attempts to meet him, having decided that they “were just going to make him a bad guy.” Will he ever get to say his side of the story?


Abduwali Muse is now in residence at the Federal Correction Complex at Terre Haute, Ind. On the big screen he is portrayed by Barkhad Abdirahman. Radar Online reports exclusively the horrific conditions he has suffered for the past several years through his relationship with Lesotho filmmaker Kaizer Matsumunyane who is currently developing a film about Muse called “The Smiling Pirate”

After living in less than what is consider human conditions for almost a year, he finally answers the letter of Kaizer, telling him about is hell on earth, including suicide attempts, depressive disorder, severe PTSD and anxiety disorder, being threatened that his family would be arrested as accomplices and much more.

In one of his recent letters, Muse writes

“I am feeling much better today. Yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 began the second day of my holiday, Eid Mubarak. I really had a wonderful time of praying, games and food … Man was it a wonderful day. Just for a moment I felt free… I almost forgot I was locked away. That to me was really a wonderful feeling. All praise due to Allah.”

But Radar reports that ever since Captain Phillips hit theaters, life began to change again for Muse. In a recent email he wrote,

“Since the movie has come out, things seem to be even more difficult than to become easier [sic]….Man I tell you it is such a problem that it is really crazy. I really feel sad sometimes with the way they treat me, but after now four years, soon five, I am starting to figure things out with them and they do not make me feel so hurt and hateful as I used to, because I am getting used to them.”

The “Smiling Pirate” who first intrigued Matsumunyane when he saw a news report on Muse’s incarceration that showed the man grinning in chains and handcuffs, however putting up a smile; is ready for production.

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  1. I think this movie was a big piece of s**t =p

    • A "Captain Phillips" Lover... says:

      Why are you even here if you didn’t like the movie?
      I mean, the movie is awesomely awesome and if you didn’t like it why are you here and not in your own business.
      The big piece of that is you- GO CAPTAIN PHILLIPS :)

  2. Lars Adams says:

    In the movie, Muse spoke fluent English, but according to many articles from when the real Muse was brought to America, he spoke no English, was unresponsive to reporters and needed an interpreter in the courts. That itself tells me that the movie wasn’t a completely true rendition of actual events.

    • How would you expect people to follow the movie if there was no english from the Somalian guys? It was hard enough to follow the captioning.

      • hahah this is typical american stupidity.. they cant read even the f*/cking subtitles :D..hillarious

        • What are you talking about? I just saw the movie, and there were actually a lot of subtitles. To me, it made sense that the pirates spoke some English because how else would they give orders to their American hostages? Besides, many Somali pirates in real life actually do speak English, or at least a decent level of English, because it is the “international language” and the ships they capture come from many different countries.

        • adrianne summerfield says:

          seriously? you’re a d**k

    • The movie had some English subtitles which were okay to follow,. The key is to watch closely.

    • Kendra Cunningham says:

      Really? lol…the points that really matter is that this guy hijacked a ship, threatened the crew, and tortured the captain…no if’s and or but’s, anything else is useless knowledge anyways

  3. MadB American says:

    I think everyone is missing the point about this story. This guy is not INNOCENT. He NEVER was INNOCENT. He is a piece of sh!t who thinks that they can use the excuse of circumstances. He knew exactly what he was doing. The fact that we are allowing him to live for the next 33 years is a crock. He should’ve been hung and his body sent in pieces to his family in his village. Then our seal team should come in there and wipe out every single one of those Somali sh!ts that protect these guys. I don’t understand why our country sits idly while so many people hate us for doing our jobs. I am disgusted that this guy, Kaizer Matsumunyane, glorifies and cares what is going on with Muse. He deserves way more than being able to sit around.

    • Teach yourself about compassion, empathy, and forgiveness
      Esp. If u fancy yourself a Christian

      • exactly

      • adrianne summerfield says:

        “Christians” are the most cruel of any culture. Who would want to be a “christian”??

        • Cookee34 says:

          It is a sad time we live in when racism and inhumane ideals threaten us across the board. The fact of the matter is that whether or not the pirates were Somalian or some other culture, cruel things happened to people who only wanted to provide for their loved ones-on both sides. None of us know BOTH sides of the real story, so even if being a Christian is distasteful, being compassionate for all involved is human.

  4. THE American says:

    OR…. we can be better then everyone else and not think of sick evil things to do to people…

  5. whiteboycheese says:

    Hey, MadB American, let the seal team start off by killing you and your whole family to see what it feels like or hang you and your whole family

    • Whiteboycheese needs a time out. I bet Muse is pretty happy in his cell right now. Warm bed to sleep in, 3 meals a day and a shower ever once in a while. Better than the hut he was sleeping in in Somalia.

  6. Hello you do not know how they live in Africa so reframe from making bitch ass comments like that.. i say fuck the courts.. you take something from me i take your life. Every man should feel that way. yall are pussies.. want to sit back and let people fight your battles no wonder why you guys have sysematically tried to destroy nigg

  7. what were they bringing to Africa??? im pretty sure it wasnt food fucktards

  8. Paul the Righteous says:

    It seems to me Muse got off lightly. He lived while all his compatriots got killed by following his leadership. Now he get 3 squares a day a bed to sleep in, television. He can now read and write. It seems to me his life greatly improved. i also question how his family was being threatened? What are they writing to him to tell him? Sending him emails perhaps? I think not. Do they even have an idea where he is?

    Very frankly an act of piracy should be handled the way it was in the 1800’s. Pirates caught should be executed, period, exclamation point.

  9. I think this movie was good. Many around the world feel sorry for the “poor” Somali pirates, but the reality is that every country has opportunities. In actuality, most pirates are “khat” addicts, so justifying their actions because they are poor is ridiculous.

  10. U sho right & our tax dollars is what’s paying for him to eat, sleep & shit in America. I bet he’s a fat ass right about now. We like to treat criminals well. I know, I work in corrections.

    • Cookee34 says:

      Sad, you wear a uniform to assume control you really don’t have. Both my parents work corrections and what we have all come to terms with is the fact that if someone wants to change for the better they will-no one believes in leaving the bottom line to a Higher Power, so we end up with jerks who think that since someone is in prison they are an animal, when all we each need to do is look in the mirror and find out who the animal is.

  11. SicSemperToAnus says:

    So reassured you work in corrections, ewill. You’re surely a beacon of hope and a blameless example to the inmates you serve. Whose mind and intentions btw you know intimately to be rotten and manipulative beyond repair…to be fair. You are no doubt a 100% self-made individual whose life was wrought of nothing but your own free will.

    I wouldn’t really care if he was in a shitty hellhole (and in all likelihood it’s probably closer to shitty than cushy since if we’re believing the movie he is personally consuming your precious tax dollars in India). You don’t have to feel pity or righteous anger about his confines to pity the wreck that he has made of his life and the lives he has touched. Maybe he gives a fuck maybe he’s a little Hitler, he’s still pitiable.

  12. Hillary King says:

    great movie

  13. SicSemperToAnus
    I wouldn’t really care if he was in a shitty hellhole (and in all likelihood it’s probably closer to shitty than cushy since if we’re believing the movie he is personally consuming your precious tax dollars in India).

    LMAAAOOOOO!!! He’s in Indiana, not India!!

  14. somalian kid says:

    hiiiiiii… ppl from USA and the word we are somalian we not all bad and we just dont have a country , am fresh from somalia i got alot story to tell i need somone 2 make movie for me lool .

  15. dori devoe says:

    I feel bad that this man had to go through that and none of us were there to say anything negative. If anything we should be blessed this man survived! Also tom played the hell out of this movie and makes you feel the pain that occurred. The pirates in the movie also made it soooo intense!! I still get chills..10stars for reality and survival.. U r a hero!!!!!!

  16. fugiitive orphan says:

    The issue is that human should look at another human as human.

  17. Adrianne summerfield, can you tell what culture are you living with..? Looking at your comments, seemed you are practicing more hard core cruel culture of the world + uneducated moron!!

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