Why is Netflix so Popular all Over the World?

With more than 221 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular streaming service. But what is it that has turned this little-known company into a global brand and why are people still flocking to sign up? Read on to discover five reasons why Netflix is so popular all over the world:

Great Content

First and foremost, Netflix has a wide range of content, which keeps its users happy. From classic TV shows from yester-year to brand-new, original films, the streaming platform invests heavily to ensure that it has top named shows from every genre. Whether you’re looking for something to watch with your kids, searching for the perfect series to binge watch, or you want to try something new and irreverent, you’ll find it on Netflix.

Background Entertainment

When you’re watching a new series, you might be hooked on it from the moment it starts but a large percentage of people use Netflix to provide background entertainment while they’re doing something else. You might be playing a game on your phone or doing chores while Netflix is streaming on your TV. Watching a Netflix show based on a casino, for example, might even inspire you to check out Maple Casino’s bonus guide for Canadian players while your show or movie is playing in the background. As so many people use Netflix in this way, viewer numbers stay high, and users get increased value from their subscriptions.

Personalised Recommendations

If you don’t have a lot of free time, you don’t want to waste it watching shows or films that you don’t like. Fortunately, Netflix makes it super-easy to find programs that you enjoy. By using your streaming history and advanced algorithms, the platform suggests titles that it knows you’re likely to appreciate. Instead of flicking through titles for hours, trying to find something to watch, users rely on Netflix’s personalised recommendations and ratings to find the content they love.

Opportunity to Binge Watch

When you watch a series on regular TV, you typically have to wait at least a week between each episode. Of course, this can be frustrating when your favourite show ends on a cliff-hanger and you’re desperate to see the outcome! As Netflix generally makes entire series available at once, users never have to wait to see the next instalment of a show. Instead, you can ‘binge watch’ until your heart’s content and watch complete seasons in one sitting.

Cost-Effective Subscriptions

The cost of a Netflix subscription varies depending on your location and the number of users you choose to add but, on average, it’s a cost-effective way to access a vast number of TV shows and films. When you compare it to the cost of cable TV or the amount people used to spend on renting a single title, it’s easy to see why so many people see Netflix as an affordable form of entertainment.

What Does the Future Look Like for Netflix?

The number of Netflix subscribers is still growing, so there is room for the company to expand even more. As more people become accustomed to the digital platform, it’s highly likely that Netflix and other streaming services will become the most popular way to consume media content in the near future.