The Top Three Types of Games Played by Famous Personalities

We all have our favorite personality or follow personalities related to our hobbies and lifestyles. It has become a fun way to keep abreast of current trends and perhaps enjoy some of these trends yourself with friends and family. It is thus interesting to examine the type of games, pastimes, and hobbies that are played and participated in by the top personalities out there and perhaps play these games ourselves.

Competitive and team online games

The top online and mobile based games played by trending personalities are the competitive online and eSports. Games such as StarCraft, League of Legends, and FIFA are all among those played by famous personalities. In fact, in an interesting turn of events, the top e-sports players have become celebrities and personalities in their own right and conversely, sports personalities have had games made to mirror their own careers or abilities – just as the English footballer Dele Ali is an ambassador for Excel eSports and promotes all their games to his followers. David Beckham has a well-documented association and ownership of Guild Esports, the online eSports training, and subscription service. The competitive eSport world and online team games are a huge sector with a variety of personalities in a number of different niches and sectors.

Online games and Casinos

Personalities have time to burn and a need for fast-paced, gripping entertainment. The online casino has become one of the top genres played by modern-day personalities. The quick table games and the slots or aussie online pokies are the go-to games for those who are always rushing about or traveling. They often have traveled downtime with the need to keep entertained, travel between appointments or simply keep their minds off the daily stresses of constant media attention. It is no secret that Matt Damon loves his online casino games and specializes in poker or blackjack, he plays when the time allows and he needs something immediate and at hand to keep him entertained.

Virtual Reality games

VR gaming is still intrinsically in the development stage where it costs a little more for top of the range VR gear and goggles and as such it is a genre that is currently being investigated and experimented with by those who can afford it. Personalities and celebrities alike have all played and there are some fascinating clips available of some of these celebrities playing VR games. It should come as no surprise that Ahsoka Tano is a gamer and has openly noted her affinity for the Pokémon Go series and the level of reality involved in the augmented reality setups.

These are the top three gaming and entertainment genres that are played by the rich and famous. However, the modern online era has made these self-same games, platforms, and genres available to us all. They are all available online in some form or the other and there have even been those lucky enough to find themselves in the same gaming rooms, online forums, and teams in an online game as their specific and chosen personality.