7 Celebrities Who Love to Test Their Luck

Playing casino games is thrilling and fun; even celebrities can’t resist their charms. After all, celebs are just regular people, plus huge mansions, private jets, and tons of cash. While some famous actors and singers feel like fish in the water at the poker table, others prefer trying their luck on slots or even betting on various sports. If you are curious to find out which celebrities have caught the gambling fever, stay tuned. 

Pamela Anderson

One of the most famous blondes in the world rose to fame in the ‘90s when she played a skilled lifeguard in Baywatch. The role of CJ helped her become well-known all over the world, and in the following years, she starred in multiple TV shows and movies. 

It is not a secret that Pamela enjoys playing poker very much. That is even how she got together with her ex-husband, poker player Rick Salomon. She needed to settle a poker debt of $250,000, and he suggested he would forget about the money if she made out with him. A few months later, they were married, but the marriage was quickly over. Anderson and Salomon married once again six years later, but this marriage didn’t stick either. While poker players entered and left her life over the years, her passion for the game remained unchanged. 

Matt Damon

Each day, thousands and thousands of people spend time playing casino games at Sky City Online casino or some other reputable gambling platform. While for some, playing games is a source of excitement, for others, it can be seen as a business expense. Famous actor Matt Damon spent much time and money gambling while preparing for his movie Rounders. Since this movie is about underground poker, this makes perfect sense. 

Charlie Sheen

Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen isn’t a stranger to various vices, and gambling is surely on this list. In fact, one of the reasons his marriage to Denise Richards fell apart was his hectic betting habits. Reportedly, he was betting around $200,000 every week. He even stopped to place a bet over the phone while he was driving her to the hospital to give birth to their child. 

However, something changed over the years, and his passion for sports betting slowly started to fizzle. For him, gambling was all about chasing that thrill, and after the Manny Pacquiao boxing match, things were never the same. Reportedly, he bet an entire million, and when he won, he felt completely indifferent. For an adrenaline junkie, this was a clear sign he needed to find some other source of excitement. 

Tobey Maguire

Many well-known actors are casual gamblers, but this is not true with the famous Spiderman. Tobey Maguire began playing different poker tournaments back in 2004 and polished his skills with the help of professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. He took part in the World Series of Poker for a couple of years in a row. While it is officially unknown how much money Maguire made this way, rumors say he was very successful. 

The Babylon actor has a reputation for being an arrogant player. In fact, organizer of high-stakes poker games Molly Bloom said that Maguire told her to bark like a seal to earn her tip. 

Ben Affleck

Another actor on our list is the Daredevil star Ben Affleck. Although he did win the California State Poker Championship in 2004, he hasn’t had much luck with poker since. It seems that blackjack is more his cup of tea, and he was even asked to stop playing at the Hard Rock Hotel after winning almost a million in just two trips. Some rumors even suggested his gambling addiction was responsible for his divorce from Jennifer Garner, but that was untrue. 

Ashton Kutcher

Both stars of Two and a Half Men have something in common – they love to bet on sports. However, while Charlie Sheen did it for the thrill of the game, Kutcher has a completely different angle. That ’70s Show actor does his homework before placing the bet. He researches data, does the calculations, and makes the safest possible bet. Kutcher even spent time placing bets for the largest national sports betting syndicate in the USA. Several years ago, he also invested in the eSports company Unikrn. Since then, this company has become a household name for eSports sports bettors. It has even partnered with MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas, hosting famous eSports events.

Jennifer Tilly

If you are a fan of Chucky movies, you surely know Jennifer Tilly. However, did you know that this star is not just an actress but also a professional poker player? She won almost $1 million during the live tournaments. She has her father to thank for her love of the game. He introduced her to the world of gambling through the video game World Series of Poker, but she learned the real game from her boyfriend when she moved to Hollywood. 

Playing casino games is not just for celebs. Nowadays, anyone with a good Internet connection and a few bucks in their account can enjoy playing poker, blackjack, or even slots online. If you are looking for a new favorite pastime, this might just be it!