Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia- Chinese students Killed in Asiana Airlines Crash in San Francisco

chinese students killed

Though traveling via Airplane is the safest way to move around, there are still tragic and unfortunate accidents that take people’s lives. This is the case for two bright Chinese teenagers who lost their lives on Saturday when the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia have been identified as the two passengers killed in the crash. Both girls were from Zhejiang, China.

Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, died much too young no question about it, two bright and promising futures shut down by a fatal accident. They attended Jiangshan Middle School and family and friends are remembering them as smart, ambitious girls who were full of life and the proof is that they both have been described as excellent in their own activities and talents. The Chinese students seated near the rear of the plane and were set to attend a summer exchange program that in previous years was held in London but two years ago was moved to start in Los Angeles, California. The popular program is for foreign students who want to improve their English language skills.

Ye Mengyuan, a talented 17-year-old gymnast, and 16-year-old Wang Linjia, a physics marvel, hailed from China’s Jiangshan city, eastern Zhejiang province. The pair was among 35 high school students bound for a three-week cultural immersion program at the West Valley Christian Church School in Los Angeles; but only both of them sadly lost their lives during the tumultuous inferno their flight became, never thinking that saying goodbye to their families would be the last time they would wee them alive.


chinese student killed

Ye Mengyuan, 17, was a natural leader, serving as class counselor. She studied liberal arts and wanted to be a writer. She also was a talented singer and enjoyed playing the piano.

A classmate said about her:

She “loved to smile, and liked to share everything and anything that is happy,”

chinese student killed2

Wang Linjia, elected class leader three years in a row by her pears, thrived in the sciences and participated in her school’s TV and radio projects. She was known as a class hipster. She enjoyed performing at her school’s talent shows.

One of her teachers had this to say about her:

“She was attentive and responsible and communicated with other students when there were problems,”

A neighbor:

“Every time she came home she would be studying. Very rarely did she go out and play.”

Wang’s father, Wang Wensheng along with his wife were seen at the Shanghai airport on their way to meet their deceased daughter.

They were found on the tarmac among the scorched wreckage of the Boeing 777. Both their parent are traveling today to San Francisco as an investigation is being held to determine if one of them could have been ran over by a fire truck moments after the impact as it was rushing to the scene.

They were best friends.