Yanet Garcia: Sexiest Mexican Meteorologist

Meet Yanet Garcia, the woman who’s curves are causing users to tune in for the weather forecast in Mexico!

Lovely Yanet happens to be the weather woman for a Spanish news station in Mexico, and her good looks have sparked quite the interest in her forecasts.


Garica is picking up headlines in major U.S outlets including reports form TMZ and the NY Daily News.
The hot brunette delivers the weather as if she’s ready for the catwalk –and let’s face it, who in their right mind would complain!

Yanet, who works for Televisa Monterrey newscasts, has social media going wacky about her, she has over 50K followers on Twitter and 190K on Instagram; you can also find her on her own YouTube channel where she uploads her forecasts.



The Mexican gal goes to work in wide range of short skin tight dresses and is very active on social media, where she often posts about her outfits for work. She has an incredible body and she sure takes care of herself by working her butt off in the gym to look her best.

To the heartbreak of many, we do think she is in a relationship with a guy named Doug Censor Martin.