WPTV 5 Kristyn Caddell is To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen’s Mistress/ Affair

Kristyn Caddell Chris Hansen affair

Do you remember a couple of years ago when the affair between married NBC’s To Catch a Predator’s host Chris Hansen and WPTV 5 news reporter Kristyn Caddell, was revealed? well today is Kristiyn who is speaking of her steamy affair with Hansen and how he told her he was divorcing his wife Mary but  kept up appearances just because of his job.

We all know how To Catch a Predator is about,  volunteers from Perverted-Justice impersonate teenagers online and arrange to meet with adults for sex. The meeting places are usually “sting houses”, where camera crews from NBC and sometimes police await the would-be pedophile.

The show had good ratings and Hansen has a steady job, too good of a job to afford to lose if people found out he and his wife were going thru a rough patch and were heading to a divorce, or at least that was what he told Krysten Caddell when they met in a Palm Beach, Fla., bar in March 2011  and told her he and his wife Mary were divorcing, but he was still wearing his wedding ring because of his job.

“Chris told me a divorce was inevitable and the wedding ring on his finger was all but for the show,” Kristyn told the tabloid in her open letter.

“Over the next several months, our friendship evolved into a whirlwind romance. As far as I was concerned, none of it was being done secretly or concealed from the public.”

He would even speak with my family on the phone. Chris gave me no reason at all to believe our relationship was a secret, and I trusted him implicitly,”

In 2011 Mr. Hansen was caught in camera when he and Florida news reporter Kristyn Caddell were in the middle on their date, after that they left and  arrived at her condo in Palm Beach where he stayed over leaving together in her car at about 8:00 am. wearing different clothes, she dropped him off the airport we can assumed he was heading home in Connecticut where his family was waiting for him.  All of this Hansen affair was caught on tape by the National  Enquirer, allegedly Hansen and Caddell have been having an affair for four months, they met in March at the  Blue Martini Lounge when they were out with friends. Rumors said they were immediately attracted to each other, so much that they had sex that same night when he took her to his room at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach..

“Chris and Kristyn got on so well that she ended up going back to his room at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach — and she later boasted to pals about staying the night with him,”

Friends of Hansen disagree, and said the whole affair thingy was just ridiculous…

“This is just ridiculous. It’s crap. They’ve been friends for a long time, and there’s no truth to this. There was no romantic dinner, and he didn’t stay with her that night.”

Kristyn recalled how things turned out to her and Chris when the affair was discovered..

“My trust in Chris was shattered. I learned that our relationship was not as it was presented to me… There was nothing that could prepare me for the awful turn my life was about to take; all the negative press surrounding me.”

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32- year-old Kristyn Caddell was born in Clearwater, Florida and raised in Tampa. She got her major in Broadcast Journalism from the Palm Beach Atlantic University, where she also joined the female soccer team as well as became an intern at NBC in the Big Apple.

Some of her previous jobs are KNVN//KHSL-TV, Chico, CA as a Reporter & Fill-in Weather Anchor, KCEN-TV- Waco, TX- Crime & Courts Reporter,WATE-TV- Knoxville, TN- General Assignment & Investigative Reporter and since Dec. 2009 she became a reporter at WPTV in West Palm Beach