Wai Kuen Kwok: Man Pushed in front of D Train


Tragedy in the subway, 61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok has been identified as the man who lost his life by being shoved in front of a D train at 167th Street and the Grand Concourse at around 9 a.m. Sunday.

Mr. Kwok was with his wife 59, at the time of his death, the commuter couple were just waiting to get to the subway, never thinking his life was about to be snatched of him. He was pushed by another man, who ran from the scene and jumped onto a Bx35 bus. Police have no idea why Kwok was killed, they say it could have happened to anyone.


Kwok and his wife, were headed fro breakfast when out of nowhere a estranger shoved him beneath the screeching downtown train. Nothing was stolen, nor there was any interaction between the two men, police came to believe as of late Sunday, that the attack was the sort that sows fear in many New York City subway riders: a random one! His death is heartbreaking, sources say his body was hit by the subway car while still in mid air, then several subway cars rolled over him.

His wife identified as Yow Ho Lee, speaks very little English, was not injured, and was taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center for observation. She and her husband have two children together, Gary and Billy Kwok (both pictured below).


According to updates, by Sunday afternoon, investigators with the assistance of family members, had interviewed the woman, who speaks Cantonese. 29-year-old Gary, who is a doctoral student at Adelphi University and lives with his parents in their Bronx apartment, was briefly interviewed by reporters but did not want to be shown on camera. He said: “Please tell the world he is a fine, regular family man,”

A dad, a husband who earned a living for him and his family by working in a kitchenware factory in Brooklyn according to the NY Post. It’s been known it was a weekend ritual for the couple to go to Chinatown, to get some shopping done and spend time together.

Mr. Kwok lived in a Findley Avenue apartment with his family; like many immigrants his son told of how his hard working father dreamed of giving him and his brother a better life, he was a native of Hong Kong.

Footage of the suspect has been released and the family awaits for justice to be done. We send them our deepest condolences.