Tyler Fredrickson: L.A Talent Assistant/ Survivor Cast



33-year-old Tyler Fredrickson, a former football player is currently a contestant on Survivor: Worlds Apart! Fredrickson used to be a placekicker in the NFL, he was in charge of Kicking the game-winning field goal against #3 USC on National Television.


He played for the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders for a few preseason games in 2007, but never made it to the actual season.


Following his stint in the NFL he worked as a as a casting assistant for CAA one of the biggest casting agencies in Hollywood where he says he worked with A-listers on a daily basis.


Ex-Talent Agent Assistant who is originally from Pasadena, California is under the White Collar (Masaya) umbrella.


Tyler worked two years at the top agency in the world, has two master degrees, one from Berkeley and one from USC and played on seven professional football teams, that makes him a unique competitor and with his brains and physical abilities, he is one of our favorites to win!


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