Troy Austin- OD Louis Tomlinson’s Biological Father


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Follower  of Louis Tomlinson?? Then for sure you’ve seen one of his latest twits!


Could it be he just woke up on the wrong side of bed?? Why all the cursing!!

Well maybe just maybe and this is a wild guess you know; it turns out his biological father an English man that goes by the name of Troy Austin gave an interview just raving about his son and how he longs for a relationship with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson!

Troy Austin Louis Tomlinson biological father picture

44-year-old Troy  Austin from Doncaster who was M.I.A for most of Louis’ childhood candidly expressed he has tried to reach out to his super star son to establish a connection with him but hasn’t been successful. His latest attempt of reconciliation was during the bands concert on Wednesday when he took Louis half sister Georgia who is one of his biggest fans and tried to see him backstage but were told by handlers that the band had to rush off.

Now I can understand why he would be upset you know, this might not be the best way to get Louis attention, this could be handled different more private since it is family business but I can also see Troy’s point of view since he actually did not asked for any money with the interview and acknowledged he hasn’t been there for him…this might just be the smartest way to do it because he knows the media will for sure send the message! And Louis will have no other choice than to react like he did.

“I haven’t been there for most of his life, so I understand I’m not one of his main priorities. He knows we were in the crowd and now I want to tell him what it meant to me to see him up there. I cried buckets”

Troy, lost touch with his son when he split up with Louis’ ­mother Johanna, 40, when Louis was only two, Johannah remarried Mark Tomlinson Louis changed his name to Louis William Tomlinson (dropping his second name Troy and last name Austin) and well, Troy Austin began a new family; after that he saw Louis right when he was chosen to be a part of X Factor.

Now Troy  is a construction worker and says he is really proud of Louis and how he turned out to be; he is so proud even on his twitter you can read about it giving all the credit to Louis’ mom…Since we’ve seen it in the past many we’ll think Troy is after the money?? I mean only time will tell.

“Seeing what he’s done with his life makes me so happy. I know people will think I’m only ­interested in being part of his life again because he’s rich and famous. But it’s not about that,” he continued.

“I’m his dad. We’re flesh and blood and ­nothing can change that. I’m so proud of him I could burst. Of course, I would love to see him again and have a proper relationship with him. What dad wouldn’t? But it’s up to him. I want him to know I think he’s ­fantastic – and that Georgia is his ­biggest fan.”

He really makes a good point, what would you advice the young heartthrob to do?? I mean why not give him a chance right and make up for lost time.

Troy describes himself on Twitter as..

Louis Tomlinson fatherTroy Austin Twitter

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, I’m his Biological Dad! I am a proud Dad! Thank you to Johannah who raised Louis to be a remarkable young man!

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Does he necessarily have to thank Jonannah on his twitter page? Come on!!!  Apparently Mr. Austin has some trouble with his tweets constantly missing, whether they were deleted of someone has been hacking his account.

Louis Tomlinson father Troy AustinLouis Tomlinson father Troy Austin pic

He  also has the url to the Caribbean hotel in the UK which apparently  he owns, where guest can take a photo tour of the place, in one area of the hotel there is even a photo of Louis hanging on the wall.

Troy Austin Louis Tomlinson father

You can follow Troy on twitter here. Don’t miss the video of his half sister Georgia.