Trish Hegarty- Pilates Trainer/ Survivor: Cagayan Contestant

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Did you noticed the hot blonde competing at Survivor: Cagayan? She may be in her late 40’s but Trish Hegarty is one hot pilates trainer and former soccer player. Wow!! we could get lost in those beautiful eyes of her!

Trish Hegarty Survivor Cagayan bio

Swimming, and figure skate are some of the hobbies Trish Hegarty, 48,  enjoys, this beautiful momma is part of the Brawn Tribe on Survivor.

Mrs. Hegarty was born Patricia Helen Crowley on June 21, 1965  in Needham, Massachusetts to Mrs. Loretta Crowley and Mr. Donald P. Crowley both 78; Mr. Crowley was a hockey teacher at Barnstable High School and a former History Teacher. We know Trisha gas siblings so far we know about her brother Jeff and Mark, who sadly passed away, he would have been 52 last month.

Trish Hegarty brothersTrish Hegarty parents

Hegarty attended at Needham High School and then graduated from Westfield State in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

She now lives in Needham, but before that she lived in Osterville where she was the owner Pilates of Cape Cod for over a decade, she now owns Core Belief Pilates Studio.

Mrs. Hegarty is the proud mother of her two beautiful daughter Marykate and Clair Hegarty, we can be wrong on this one, but Trish used to be married to Mr. William Hegarty, 55.

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