Tracy Paradise – Kris Humphries’ Ex- Personal Assistant

Tracy Paradise Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kris Humphries is being sued by his ex-assistant and trainer, Tracy Paradise, for allegedly being fired without receiving all her payment. Tracy claimed she and Kris had a one-year contract, in which Kris agreed to pay her $75,000 plus housing costs in exchange for personal assistant services.

“Our agreement was that I would be on board for [at] least one year — which means Feb. 2013. It was not for the [NBA] season, so technically I am still under contract until February,” wrote Paradise in a Sept. 24, 2012, e-mail to the Humphrieses.

Tracy says she worked with Kris from February to September 2012, but he abruptly fired her. To make things worse, Tracy Paradise is claiming that Kris’ mother stole from her a mountain bike, a Whistler’s mug and a Magic Bullet blender.

On the other hand, Kris says that Tracy was never under contract and she should only get paid for hours clocked. Besides, he claims having good reasons to fire her, because Tracy refused to relocate with him to New York. As for the stolen items, Kris said she left them behind in his house in Miami and hadn’t returned them because of his busy schedule.

Tracy Paradise was a Personal Assistant and Wellness Coach for Kris. She obtained a Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage Certification at Northeast Institute Whole Life and Healing in 2005, besides having a Personal Training Certification, a New Leaf Metabolic Certification and being an Endurance Coach.

Paradise worked as a Massage Therapist at Gallant Chiropractic from 2005 to 2009. After that, she was a Personal Trainer at Life Time Fitness from 2009 to 2012. On February 2012, Tracy started working with Kris Humphries, she was his Personal Assistant / Trainer / Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. Tracy Paradise is from the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area.

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