Toiya and Ashley Riley- DWTS/ Glee Star Amber Riley’s Sisters

Amber-Riley-and-Derek-Hough pic

Amber Riley’s two big sisters are cheering for her on Dancing with the Stars, as are her mom and dad.

Toiya Riley who was born in 1976 is ten years older than her famous baby sister and Ashley is only two years older. All three girls were born in Los Angeles. Mom and Dad are Tiny Hightower Riley and Elwin Riley.

On DWTS, we’ve seen a lot of really good performances from Amber and Derek, but her knee has been acting up more these last few days. Riley is the best performer and technician but that knee has been hampering her. It’s been mentioned on-air during the DWTS broadcast, last week during the “Glee” star’s performances, her injuries were exacerbated and she couldn’t even accompany dance partner Derek Hough to the post-show press line

Says Derek, “This week was really tough. She literally couldn’t walk. It was pretty bad.”

Hough worries that Amber may not be able to continue, and now they must have a serious talk about the possibility of withdrawing from the Finals, which would really be disappointing..

“We had some talks about things (on Sunday),” he said. “Now, we’re going to get the MRIs and the injections — all the tricks. We’re going to see what’s going on and assess the situation.”

If they are able to go on, they have a good chance of winning the “Coveted Mirrorball Trophy” as they both have devoted fans who vote in masses.

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