The Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Girlfriend is Catherine Giudici

From girlfriend to wife to be!!! The eager Dallas-based entrepreneur could simply not wait to burst his feeling to girl designer Catherine Giudici. Let’s read more about her and maybe we’ll see what was exactly Lowe saw on her that made him fall over heals in love with her!


Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici


Catherine Ligaya Mejia Giudici, was one of two finalists out for Bachelor Sean’s heart in the reality show’s 17th season! Bachelor hunk, Sean decided for Catherine on the final rose and now they or at least he can not wait to marry her! Well how can you blame the guy after all remember he is a conservative Christian and “born-again” virgin who has abstained from sex since college, the decision reflects long-held religious beliefs …and what does fiancée Catherine think of this? She “honors him” What does that exactly means?


The couple seems to have a couple of differences she lives and works in Seattle and he is in Dallas and get this she is a vegan and the man is a big meat lover!! Do you think this might separate them in the near future?? After all we’ve heard of less reasons to make a couple go separate ways!


I’m vegan for my own reasons. He gets to be a man and eat whatever he wants. I don’t care

The 26-year-old mixed-race beauty is Filipino, Swiss, and Italian! Wow what a mix! A proud Coug, she graduated from WSU with a B.A. in Advertising going on to the likes of Wexley School for Girls!

She currently works as a Visual Designer at Amazon, in the past she worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer at Wexley School for Girls, Marketing and Graphic Arts Coordinator at Taco Del Mar Franchising Corporation, Graphic Advertising Technician at The Daily Evergreen, and Marketing and Promotions Intern at Seattle Weekly.


She doesn’t describe herself as a creative person because she thinks when someone claims to be creative the term looses a bit of its value…interesting huh! She also writes a  column on called Meatless Mondays so the locals can learn more about where they can find tasty vegan options in the Seattle area!


But despite what people say about the couple if they’ll make it or not to the altar girl Giudici says:


“I’ve never been in a place to accept great love from a man like Sean. And I’m totally ready. I want to be with him.”


You can follow her on twitter here and see more pictures of her here.

You can see her also unconventional website here.