Terri Irvin is Bindi Irvin’s mother

Terri Irvin proud mother of Bindi Irvin

Terri Irwin the loving wife of late Australian naturalist Steve Irvin known as the Crocodile Hunter will be cheering for her beautiful daughter Bindi Irvin who is one of the celebrities competing on the 21st Season of Dancing With The Stars, no man to sit by her side, romantically speaking but for sure her handsome son Robert Clarence Irwin will be showing his support to his older sis.

Eight years have passed since the day Steve Irvin passed away; he was 44 when he died on September 4, 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray’s tail in Queensland, Australia. Terri Irvin said not once she considers dating again, for Terri Irwin her husband of 14 magical years Steve was her Prince Charming.

“To me Steve was my Prince Charming, he was my happily ever after and we got that. We got 14 years of marriage; we had the best most fantastic adventurous wonderful life that you could imagine.”

Last year, Terri Irvin was linked to Big Brother winner Tim Dormer, a colleague and close friend who became fond to Terri and her family. Terri ignored the rumors spread by New Idea Magazine, Tim denied the rumors..

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

I have really enjoyed working with them on a real professional level. I’m a wildlife warrior ambassador so I kind of work for Terri and I just have so much respect for what she’s done and it just is a bit embarrassing and unfortunate, ‘ he said of the romance rumours published by the magazine.

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

Terri Irvin devoted mother of her children Bindi, 17, and Robert, 13, and wildlife lover. Terri was born Terri Raines on July 20, 1964 in Eugene, Oregon the youngest child of three born to parents Judy and Clarence Raines.
Mrs. Irvin was a 27 years old naturalist when she took a vacation to Australia in 1991 to visit wildlife rehabilitation facilities when she met Steve Irvin. The meeting was subsequently described by Steve as love at first sight came less than two years after Terri started a veterinary technician job at an emergency hospital in Oregon.

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

They started dating right away and got engaged four months later. Terri and Steve Irvin got married on June 4, 1992 in Eugene, and spend their honeymoon trapping crocodiles. She gave her home in the US and started a family in the land down under.

Their first child, daughter Bindi Sue Irvin was born July 24, 1998 in Buderim, Queensland, Australia; five years later on December 1st, 2003 son Robert Clarence Irvin was born. Terri and her children appeared along her illustrious husband on his show The Crocodile Hunter until his tragic death in 2006, when Terri and the kids had been trekking in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

Terri spoke to the public for the firs time since her husband’s death when she announced the memorial service in Australia would be held on September 20, 2006 at Crocoseum amphitheater at the Australia Zoo the same spot where she became an Australian citizen on November 15, 2009.

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

Terri Irvin was made an honorary Member of the Order of Australia for services to wildlife conservation and the tourism industry in 2006 and was the 2014 Queensland finalist for the Australian of the Year Award.

Terri Irvin Bindi Irvin mother

Terri Irvin opened her heart about her life with Steve on her book Steve & Me published by Gallery Books in September, 2008.

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