Taylor Nolan Mental Health Counselor on The Bachelor 21

Taylor Nolan

Taylor Nolan is one of the women currently competing to win the heart of season 21 bachelor, Nick Viall and thus becoming the last woman standing of the current season.

When you picture a mental health counselor, pretty brunettes hardly ever come to mind, however Taylor could be perhaps one of the prettiest counselors you’ll meet.

According to her NBC bio, Taylor is a Seattle, WA native.

She earned her master’s degree from John Hopkins University. The 5’4″ gal also belongs to the 2014 class of Stevenson University. She graduated from Arundel High School in 2011.

She has worked at Key Point Health Services, First Step Recovery Center and most recently she is said to have opened her own Practice in Seattle, Washington.

The pretty 23-year-old has no tattoos and when asked her best attributes she answered “loyal, transparent and honest.

Taylor Nolan might seem high maintenance but a guy could make her happy just by taking her on a trip to Forever 21, that plus a hallmark card.

That’s because her favorite brand is Forever 21 and when asked what was the most romantic present she’s ever received? The gal said a “card” because she “loves words of affirmation.”

What you shouldn’t do during a night out with this gorgeous gal is ‘only talks about yourself or only asks about her.

Miss Taylor Nolan is also a big fan of Brené Brown for strength and courage to be memorable.

Taylor who is also into modeling and has posed for the lens as an amateur underwear model –says the most outrageous thing she’s ever done is go streaking.


Pretty Taylor is also an animal lover, she loves animals so much that she rescued/fostered animals and also supports charities to support victims of domestic abuse.

Taylor also runs her own blog –where she calls herself a ‘helper’ and that you can check out here.
Think Taylor has what it takes to become the one for Nick?