Tashera Simmons DMX’s Ex Wife

Tashera Simmons

Meet Tashera Jamilia Draughn, we know her as Tashera Simmons the ex-wife of DMX who was found unresponsive at a parking lot, some sources reported he passed away from a drug overdose at the age of 45 on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, while others reported he is in stable condition. Anyways here is what Daily Entertainment News can tell you about his ex-wife

Mrs. Simmons was born in New York, New York April 10, 1971. She is the eldest of 8 children; she and her siblings were raised in the New York City suburb Yonkers, New York after her Panamanian born mother and Brooklyn born father moved the family from Manhattan.

Tashera Simmons had a tough childhood, growing up her parents abandoned the household and it was up to her to become the maternal figure for the youngest siblings. She attended Lincoln high school in Yonkers, NY and at the same time worked to support her home. Right after her high school graduation she and childhood friend and future husband, Earl Simmons started dating, although most friends and family did not show support for the relationship she stuck around until the couple ultimately married in 1998.

tashera simmons

Tashera Simmons and her former famous hubby separated after eleven years of marriage and although they remain friends she blames the media exposure for the break up of her marriage, saying

The exposure started to become overwhelming as I desperately searched for any semblance of normalcy. My desire was to get away from the judgments, criticism, and harassment. It was like watching our lives on the big screen unable to predict the next scene. As Earl’s popularity increased, tribulations escalated.”

tashera simmons

The couple appeared on the VH1 show “Couples Therapy” after she learned all the cheating from DMX but after he stated he never wanted to get married in the first place, everything was done for Tashera. Back in 2010 after over twenty years together, four children-three boys and one girl (Xavier, Tacoma, Sean and Praise Mary Ella), and massive success, Tashera announced she had decided to separate from DMX and move forward to focus on her family and independence.

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The celeb mom and reality T.V star also spends her time with the non-profit foundation “Women of Strength”. Women of Strength is a foundation that dedicates its time and resources for women and children who lives have been affected by drug abuse, abandonment, and other social conflicts. She understands those needs since she has stated before raising seven siblings was “character building” The former “Mrs. DMX” is also the author of her 2012 book titled “Finding Teshera”

According to her twitter she will give a conference on Sept. 28th titled “Emotional Victim no longer; The power of letting go”

DMX has been dating Cuban model Yadira Borrego since he and Tashera split up.

You can take a look at her website here, instagram here or follow her on twitter here.