Tandra Steiner: Overstock Assistant and The Bachelor Contestant


Meet gorgeous Tandra Steiner, she is one of the Bachelor 2015 contestants! Tandra has been described in recent reports as one of the lucky ladies competing for the heart of Chris Soules.

Tandra is definitely used to get peoples attention just by the way she looks, so her odds at a magical first impression are looking fantastic. The Blonde with the perfect hair and smile is a part-time model who mostly does prints and adverts.

She was announced on September 18 as part of the Season 19 cast.



30-year-old Tandra comes all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah. You can tell the sound morals of her home state  are probably a big deal for her which makes for a big deal when looking for a wife!



 She is definitely active and we know outdoorsy gals are always more fun to be around with. She has a great shape so that tells us she eats very healthy and likes to stay fit, what guy doesn’t like that!

When she is not busy modeling Tandra spends her days helping other people hook up with the finest wares as an executive assistant at Overstock.com, a shopping website.





Tandra might have a funny name, but that can only make a guy not to forge it. The blonde also has her bit of a wild side, according to realitysteve, she is into motorcycles! Now that sounds like a winner! She looks like heavens but can act like a tough chick too! What do you think? Are you a fan?

You can find her on LinkedIn.