Swetlana Maslowskaya- Former Playboy Playmate of The Year/ Bruno Schubert’s Mistress

Meet 32-year-old Swetlana Maslowskaya; the gorgeous woman is a former model and better known for notoriously dated German brewery heir Bruno Schubert.

Swetlana was on her way to building a career, she was named playmate of the year in 2002, but when she became the girlfriend a.k.a mistress of Bruno Schubert she left modeling for the less fortunate, meaning the ones who don’t have a millionaire boyfriend.

The Russia-German should have taken during their affair by Schubert gifts worth 3.1 million Euro – including two Porsche, a Mercedes, a gold ring, as well as luxury holidays, shopping trips and even a house in Salzburg.

The Beauty and the Beer King met in 2004 while he was a married man to his first wife of 68-years, Ingeborg; but who would have thought accepting gifts from your octogenarian man would get you in trouble with the law? Well it king of does when you don’t pay your taxes! The former Playboy star will spend the next two-and-a-half years behind bars after being busted for $1.4 million tax fraud.
Swetlana Maslowskaya who is also found under “Swetlana Maslowski” was locked up Wednesday after it emerged she never declared $2.5 million worth of gifts and she will spend behind bars the next two and a half years.


Dressed from head to toe, Swetlana burst into tears in court, when she was told that she would spend a year in jail before any chance.

According to an old profile, Maslowski, was born May 11, 1981 in Darmstadt, Germany. She is 5’ 8’’ weights approximately 60kg, bust 89 cm, waist 60 cm and hips 90cm. Perfect measurements, no wonder she said of Schubert “’He wanted to have me immediately.’

Svetlana, called by the Schubert employees “Sweeti” appeared in several Playboy magazine issues, including Germany 2001/11; she was also featured in covers Germany 2002/01 and Germany 2002/08. Her pictorials and separate photos were featured in the Germany 2002/04 issue.