Stephenie Pearson- Jessica Simpson Friend in three-way kiss with actress Odette Annable



What is your idea of having a fun night out with your girls? Could it be something wild like the wild photo 33-year-old, mom of two Jessica Simpson posted on instagram? Simpson posted a photos to the the social media site sharing a bizarre three-way kiss with two of her girlfriends; she labeled the snap “yummy” and tagged pals Odette Annabel and Stephanie Pearson.

Here we tell you more about Pearson who is the one from behind the singer-turned-fashion designer and sticks her tongue out for her girls to enjoy!


29-year-old Stephenie Pearson from “The Alectrix” stars in the MTV reality docu-series about the eponymous all-girl music group. The cast includes Joe Simpson, Heather Naylor, Ayana Layli, Andi Roxx, Chelsea Costa, Gynger Fluellen, Missy Marie Foulk, Raven Elise, Stephenie Pearson and Tiffany Dunn.

The Alectrix. Naylor’s story was first documented in MTV’s THE ELECTRIC BARBELLAS, and now, 25 months later, she and the rest of the girls have realized they are at a standstill and desperately need a change if they are ever going to get to the next level. With no other option in sight, Heather decides to bring in music-mogul Joe Simpson. So we already see a link between Stephenie and Jessica Simpson here, she is not only tight with Joe and Jessica but apparently with the whole Simpson family.


 On her Twitter she writes

“Singer.Music LOVER. MTV-The Alectrix. Stylist. Wild Turkey Connisseur”

stephenie-pearson-imageStephenie Pearson is described as a fun loving, free spirit –which would explain her recent snap with girl on girl action –with an intense passion for singing and performing. She’s had many adventures and opportunities since moving from her hometown of Dallas to Los Angeles. Stephenie has traveled the world on tour as both a back-up singer and wardrobe stylist to Ashlee Simpson, as well as other stars. She’s a dedicated singer-songwriter who ultimately wants to perform her own music.

On her website that you can check out here, Pearson shows her mysterious artistic side not revealing much about herself and instead writing a poem in latin. She has also lived in Dallas, TX; Carrollton, TX; Richardson, TX; Brooklyn, NY; Los Angeles, CA and North Hollywood, CA. She has worked at Midwest Talent and Management Inc.

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