Spencer Bledsoe – Chicago Economics Student/ Survivor Cagayan Contestant

Spencer Bledsoe Survivor Cagayan

Meet the handsome, young and very clever Spencer Bledsoe, he is the economics student at the University of Chicago and part of the Brains Tribe  in the t.v series Survivor: Cagayan. You want to keep an eye on this one, he can be young but he can also be very dangerous!!

Spencer Bledsoe chicago economics survivor cagayan pictures

21-year-old Bledsoe was born Spencer Reiman Bledsoe on June 24, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. This smart kiddo graduated in 2010 from Paideia School, he was captain of both track and cross country teams,  hopefully Spencer will graduate from the University of Chicago in 2015 with a BA in Economics.

Check Spencer´s resume, in 2011 he was  a summer intern at Granite Capital International Group, analyst at Blue Chips and co-president of the International Leadership Council, in 2012 a summer analyst at Delta Upsilon International fraternity, and let´s not forget his impressive chess skills..

Spencer Bledsoe chess

Oh yes, Spencer Bledsoe had broken all the dumb blond myths, he tied for 1st at the World Open Chess tournament for a prize of $6,609, by 2010 he was not just a well-known chess player but also a coach at the U.S Chess Federation.

Davey Bledsoe Spencer Bledsoe father

Pretty impressive hah? well,  in runs in his veins, his father Mr. Davey Bledsoe, 63,  is a 69´Dobyns Bennett High School graduate, studied psychology and biology at the University of Tennessee, former senior manager network planning and engineering at AT&T, former CEO and President at DLB Enterprises & Consulting, and currently  senior manager of operation at Moss Cape, LLC.

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Spencer Bledsoe chicago economics survivor cagayan pictureSpencer Bledsoe sisters

Spencer´s sisters are stunning, no disrespect here but we are guessing they inherited it from their momma; Kelly Elizabeth Bledsoe, 28, not a happily married mom of one resides in Marietta with her  hubby Blerim and their too cute son Luca, and younger sis Taryn will attend at High Point University once she graduates from The Howard School in Georgia.

Three words describes Spencer Bledsoe arrogant, competitive and brilliant, he finds Mitt Romney to be an inspiration. When it comes to his dating life, we found no girl on Spencer´s map at least for now, or do you think he manage to keep his girlfriend in hiding??

You can find Spencer Bledsoe on Twitter here