Som & Krystin Lisaius Charged with Child Abuse!

Som & Krystin Lisaius

Som & Krystin Lisaius are both TV reporters in Tucson, who are making headlines after their infant child tested positive for drugs.

Som & Krystin Lisaius would have reported about the type of news they are now embroiled in. The marriage allegedly took their child to the hospital but refused not once but twice to run toxicology tests.

The parents complained their child was “wabbly,” had “became limp” and that her “eyes were rolling” into the back of her head however, did not allow the hospital to draw blood, according to the online publication. After leaving the facility against the hospital recommendation, they agreed to take the child to another medical center. However, they again refused a toxicology test for the child.

Both parents eventually admitted to using cocaine after tests showed the drug in the baby’s body, according to Tucson Weekly. Apparently what caused their baby daughter to present the scary symptoms was the fact that Krystin Lisaius –who had consumed cocaine the night prior –breast-fed the 4-month-old baby the next morning.

26-year-old Krystin and her husband, full name, Somchai Lisaius –hosted a party on May 14 in their Oro Valley home and ingested the drug.

During a search at their home, authorities said they found less than 2 grams of “white powder or white residue” and other paraphernalia at the couple’s home.

The TV personalities have been indicted on drug charges in the incident that took place in May.


Somchai Lisaius is a former crime reporter for KOLD News 13. He has since been been fired from his job at KOLD, according to Tucson Weekly.

Somchai Lisaius first joined the Tucson reporting scene in 2000 after having worked in Michigan and attending Alma College for a bachelor’s degree in English and Boston University for a master’s degree in broadcast journalism.

 Som & Krystin Lisaius Charged with Child Abuse!

Krystin Lisaius, formerly Sorich, met her husband while working as an inter at KOLD. The pretty blonde

who has previously worked at KGUN describes herself on social media as “proud wife.”

Krystin Lisaius is a University of Arizona Graduate and also former Miss Southern Arizona USA. She is a food and fitness fanatic. She is currently a freelance writer according to her LinkedIn.

She holds a  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Broadcast Journalism from University of Arizona and a Associate of Arts degree from Pima Community College.

Both Som & Krystin Lisaius appeared in court Monday, pleaded not guilty and were released on their own recognizance.

The child is in custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety but is staying with the baby’s maternal grandmother. Krystin Lisaius has been granted 24-7 contact with the child while Somchai Lisaius is allowed to see the child 12 hours per day.

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