Shushanna Mkrtychyan Utah Mathematician on The Bachelor 20

Meet Shushanna Mkrtychyan

Shushanna Mkrtychyan is a lovely Mathematician hailing from Salta Lake City and currently one of the favorites to win Ben Higgins heart!

According to her ABC profile, Bachelorette Shushanna Mkrtychyan is 5’2″ listens to Deep House, EDM, Russian and among her all time favorite movies we can find, Inception, Shutter Island, Fast & Furious.

She enjoys both Hot and Cold Weather and even thought she reveals she grew up as a country girl, she considers herself a City person all the way.

When describing the personality of her ideal partner, she says: Spontaneous, energetic, adventurous, smart, intelligent, funny, supportive, easy going, strong.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan was in a relationship for five years, and realized they both wanted different things from life. She called it quits and moved on.

The hot Mathematician says she is fond of the times when she and her grandfather used to played checkers before she left for school. Shushanna Mkrtychyan is not only a pretty face, the brunette can also cook, and says people usually ask for her recipes.


Shushanna Mkrtychyan was born April 9, 1988. She has Albanian and Russian roots and resides in Utah. Her place of birth is Chelyabinsk, , Russia.

She attended Salt Lake Community College.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan is somewhat of a chameleon. On her Facebook photos she has several images showing different looks.



Shushanna Mkrtychyan seems very popular among her friends. According to pictures from her VK profile, she and her girlfriends attended Coachella 2015.

When asked what she expects out of the Bahcelor experience, she said: “At some point I stopped believing in love again. I thought something was wrong with me or I’m just so busy that I don’t want anyone in my life. Maybe this get away will help to open my eyes and meet someone special. And even if it doesn’t happen on the show, I believe this show will help me with my hopes and loss.”

Do you agree with Shushanna Mkrtychyan , is she doing it for the right reasons?

Now that we’ve seen Ben Higgins for a couple of episodes, do you think he and Shushanna would make a good macth?

You can find Shushanna Mkrtychyan on Instagram here.