Shirin Oskooi: Yahoo Exec/ Survivor Cast


Meet 32-year-old Survivor contestant, Shirin Oskooi. The Newport Beach, California native currently resides in San Francisco and she decided 2015 will be the year to be on Survivor.


Oskooi was born February 25, 1983. She is a Yahoo executive who attended Brown University, graduating in 2001. While at Brown she was part of the Club Field Hockey.


Since The Survivor: Worlds Apart contestant was cast she was keen to say her personality would be one of the most notorious. On her CBS profile, Shirin reveals she’s a big fan of the show and that her unique personality makes her one of the most creative contestants.

The white collar tribe member compares herself to two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, “a sassy brown woman who doesn’t take **** from anybody.”


By the way, are you a fan of the Google Calendar? You can thank Oskooi for that, her personal claim to fame is creating the Google Calendar, which has turned into the no. 1 online calendar in the world, which has enabled her to financially care for her mother.


The long dark haired has no problem eating disgusting things adding “I’m a fighter and risk-taker. I’m super smart, observant, and don’t let my emotions govern my actions at work, let alone in games.”

She is definitely one to watch! Find Oskooi on Instagram here.