Shelly Wright- David Cassidy’s Secret Daughter


david-cassidy-love child-daughter

Teenage heartthrob from the  70’s David Cassidy wouldn’t be the first celebrity who is presented with children they haven’t heard of before! Well this is the case now, Shelly Wright claims her mother told her that she was David Cassidy’s love child.

Shelly who grew up with her mother Donna G. Wallace and songwriter James Bohon, always had the feeling she wasn’t his father’s daughter, she says:

“I didn’t look anything like him, and my whole family always talked about it,” “He always picked up my sister instead of me and had more of a relationship with her through the years. I was confused.”

To this day, David’s only daughter is actress Katherine Evelyn Cassidy who he fathered with Fashion model Sherry Williams. But turns out that Shelly shares some interesting characteristics with the 63-year-old star, including both having a lazy eye.

shelly ann wright

Wright believes that her mother met David Cassidy when she went out with a group of friends in the 1970s. The two then allegedly got drunk and had sex in Cassidy’s VIP room. The Tennessee one-night stand resulted in Shelly Ann but her mother who had already a daughter with Bohon returned home to him.

Shelly says she does not only think she and Cassidy look like they could be related but also believes she and Katie Cassidy also look alike.


Shelly Ann Wright who says is not looking for any fame or money (although is something that instantly comes with her revealing information) is a happily married lady and mother. She is hitched to Joshua Wright and according to his Facebook they tied the knot in October 4, 2004.


The couple who has been married for almost a decade have at least two children a little girl and a baby boy, so this means David Cassidy could be a granddaddy without even knowing.

In her attempt to prove she is related to David she contacted his publicist but was deceived on her request to have a legitimate DNA test done. She has also tried to contact her possible brother Beau Cassidy but no one would respond.

Shelly’s hometown is listed to be Nashville, Tennessee but currently lives with hubby in Southern Pines, North Carolina. She attended imi international miracle institute pensacola florida, class of 2003.

On the about section on her Facebook page, you can find her saying:

I am saved! Sold out to god! And hungry for him daily! My lord jesus christ!….

What do you think? Could she be related ? Do you think they look alike?

Find Shelly on Facebook here, her husband’s here and her mother who had a one-night-stand with Cassidy here.