Sharon Alkus: Young and The restles Actor Beau Kazer’s Wife


Our sincere condolences to Sharon Alkus who recently lost her dear husband, Young and The restles Actor Beau Kazer.

Reports indicate her husband, best known as Brock Reynolds on CBS’s long-runner soap opera; passed away on Dec. 30 in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Her husband was 63.


Photographer Sharon Rae Alkus also 63, was born in Pomona CA,. Her page states photography has always been her passion.  Cameras are great.  They see the truth and they also have the ability to lie or change the truth.  Photoshop is an awesomely powerful tool, for it then takes the photo and rises it to another medium.  She says.


She does website photo work as well as Real Estate photos, people, places, pets, Flyers, brochures, coffee cup photo, t-shirt design, business card, etc. Except weddings.

About her personal life, she doesn’t share much, but she says she is married and that the kids are great, not naming anyone.


The couple has been extremely private about their family life, not even photos of Sharon can be found. Sharon loves horses, she and her husband lived on a ranch in California before his passing.

Sharon will continue the book Mr. Kazer was writing at the time of his death.

You can check out her gallery here.