Sarah Lacina- Iowa Police Officer/ Survivor Cagayan Contestant

Sarah Lacina police officer survivor cagayan

Meet sexy Cedar Rapids Police Officer Sarah Lacina, she is one of the new contestants on Survivor: Cagayan. This pretty gal is part of the Brawn Tribe and I bet you want to know more about her.

Sarah Lacina Survivor police officer pics

Sarah Lacina Survivor police officer pictureSarah Lacina Survivor police officer-images

29-year-old Sarah Lacina born October 19, 1994 has said one of the things she is most proud of is of graduating from college in four years (Wartburg Class of ´06), she also said that her mom is her inspiration in life; she describes herself as witty, athletic and competitive, hates when people leaves voice mails and can´t stand to hear  when people chew their food, but if you are in a deserted island with Ms. Lacina you just need to give her a toothbrush, the bible and a surfboard to keep her entertained.

Sarah Lacina Survivor police officer-image

Don´t let  Lacina´s looks fools you, this Marion, Iowa girl can  kick your butt in a heartbeat, did you know Lacina is an avid boxer and MMA fighter? Oh Yeah, Sarah began boxing training in January, 2009 and thanks to fellow officer Tom Grubb who is a well known mixed martial arts competitor she got into MMA as well.

Sarah Lacina Survivor police officer-photosSarah Lacina Survivor police officer-pictures

She joined the Apache Boxing Club, trained with coach Joe Ruiz at Valhalla Boxing Club in Southeastern Cedar Rapids, but sports have been a big part of this pretty Muscatine native since high school, where she was a four-time athlete with the Huskies and during her college years at Wartburg College she was in the  track  and cross country team.

Sarah Lacina police officer survivor cagayan

CRPD officer Sarah A. Lacina is for sure one tough cookie, she joined the force in 2006, she is certified bike patrol officer, has assists with Regional Police Academy training, , served as the SRO at Kennedy High School and worked in the Patrol division.

You really don´t want to mess with her, but you can follow her on Twitter here.