Ruth Zukerman- Elizabeth Vargas’ husband Marc Cohn’s Affair


Meet Co-founder and Creative Director at Flywheel Sports, Ruth Zukerman. The health, wellness and fitness guru from New York City, has been a leading fitness instructor on the East Coast for the past 30 years. Would you believe she is in her 50’s but looks 30-ish! Her stuff works huh!

Her wisdom has been featured on several articles on the huffpost, she has written more than a dozen blog entries dating from 2011, titles include “Kids and Exercise,” “Love Thy Self, Inside and Out,”

“Stressed Out? Work Out!” “Exercise And Pain: What’s Normal?” “Exercise Tips For Every Age” “10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Work Out” “The Truth About Indoor Cycling”

According to her website, Ruth received her education at Mount Holyoke College and has taken extensive courses in anatomy and exercise physiology. A certified indoor cycling instructor, Ruth has taught indoor cycling at both full-service fitness centers and dedicated cycling studios.


In 2006, Ruth co-founded the first exclusive indoor cycling studio in New York City, and is widely credited as the driving force behind the surge in indoor cycling’s popularity in New York and beyond.


Prior to becoming a certified indoor cycling instructor, she attended school at nearby Mount Holyoke College. In 2006, the fitness instructor co-founded the first exclusive indoor cycling studio in New York City, and later teamed up with Jay Galluzzo in 2010 to co-found Flywheel Sports. The rest, as they say, is history. The company has expanded across the country into South Florida, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles and more.


Originally a dancer with a strong passion for music, Ruth choreographs her classes and makes the music integral to the movement.

Ruth is a single mother of twins Kate & Rachel, 21. She divorced in 1989 according to an article from the nypost in 2011.


Her entrepreneurial efforts have made her the theme of several articles but this time, the celebrated instructor is now making headlines only this time not for her passion but for some rather disgraceful news.

According to NY Post-Page Six,  ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas’ husband, Marc Cohn, had an affair with Zukerman while Vargas was in rehab for alcohol abuse. Multiple sources claim the songwriter Cohn – famous for his “Walking in Memphis” and has been married to Vargas since 2002 – bedded Flywheel Sports chain co-founder. According to Page Six, the TV anchor and her husband –who are parents of two children –were friends with Zukerman before becoming regulars at her Flywheel spin classes.

Ruth and her allegedly lover, Cohn were spotted during outings.

You can find her LinkedIn profile here, twitter here.