Romina Puga- Jesse Eisenberg’s reporter in Tears (VIDEO)


You know how everyone has bad days and good days right! Well, Multimedia/Video reporter Miss Romina Puga had one of those dark days with actor Jesse Eisenberg! While she was conducting an interview for her Univision program “Say my name” Romina tried to engage with the 29 year old actor asking about his new movie “Now you see me” but Jesse’s sense of humor might have been too much for her! In a few words Eisenberg tried to teach her the proper manner to ask a question correcting her during the live audio and wrapped things up by calling her the “Carrot Top of interviewers,” Ouch!!!

Minutes later it was Romina herself who took the painful interview to her blog saying:

“So, I was just humiliated by Jesse Eisenberg,” she wrote. “When the five minute ‘interview’ (more like self-esteem butchering) were (sic) finally over I went behind a curtain to wait for the memory cards from the interview. I peeked around the curtain to ask Jesse about his neighborhood in New York (he lives a few blocks from where I used to live) and he immediately says, ‘You’re still here?'”

Romina was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her mother is from Argentina and her father is from Chile, so she grew up between Hispanic and American traditions.  Her mission in life is to meld her mixed backgrounds until they can agree on one sandwich de miga-eating, Pablo Neruda-reading, Family Guy-loving middle ground.

She graduated from NYU undergrad recently with a joint degree in Media Studies/Communications and Journalism, she also attended for a year Florida International University for an AA in communication, journalism and related programs.

Romi as she likes to be called began editing videos on iMovie when her parents bought an iMac for the house. She used to shoot and edit fake news/talk shows, music videos, and horror movies with her friends. In college Romi focused on print and interned at Nylon Magazine and Eventually though, video crept its way back into her life.  So now she combines the two mediums, best of both worlds.

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Within Puga’s talents and skills we can mention Video production, journalism and social media…something Eisenberg doesn’t probably agrees with! While she worked as an editorial inter for Nylon Magazine back in August 2011 she had several articles published in both Nylon magazine and Nylon guys Magazine then only after 5 months she moved on to production intern at Vogue. com bur from the greater New York City Area she landed right at home in Fort Lauderdale, Miami where she currently lives. She’s been working for ABC/Univision for eight months now.

Her interest’s can be summarized saying:

Video editing, Photo shopping ironic Christmas cards, eating chocolate every day

Is not like the girl is not prepared, think Eisenberg took it too far or was it her lack of professionalism to play along with the actor’s dense sense of humor??

You can follow her on twitter here and do not miss the video below!