Robert Aaron Vineberg- Saxophonist Arrested in Philip Seymour Hoffman rug dealer Gang


Meet Robert Aaron Vineberg, an independent artist with a secret dark side. Vineberg along with three others, Max Rosenblum, Juliana Luchkiw and Thomas Cushman, has been arrested after allegedly  being involved with selling heroin to Philip Seymour Hoffman before the actor’s  sudden death!

Vineberg, 57, who has been in the music industry for over 30 years is better known as Robert Aaron.

Vineberg who owns two apartments, one of which he uses as a music studio; was found with the other three at 302 Mott Street in Manhattan, where the NYPD conducted a raid late Tuesday night. Police were acting on a tip and obtained a search warrant for the raid. Vineberg and Cushman were charged with felony drug possession, Vineberg denied selling heroin to Hoffman.

robert-aaron-picMeet Robert Vineberg also known as Robert Aaron Vineberg, he is the saxophonist who was arrested along with three other who are believed to be Philip Seymour Hoffman drug dealers. Want to about Robert Vineberg’s biography? Check this out!

A summary of his recording experience on LinkedIn says Aaron, has toured extensively for more than a decade with Wyclef Jean as Keyboard player(1998-2008). Also has toured with Chic,James Chance, Djet x and as a solo artist. Robert has done piano bars, and society gigs all over the world, he is a member of James Chance/James White various groups since 1980. He toured and recorded in Europe with French artist Raphael and produced and arranged cds for William Vivanco, Eric Andersen, Djet X Cole cole band and Mini All Stars. He has extensive experience writing arrangements for horns and strings in all styles. In 2010, he released his own album titled “Trouble Man” which received good reviews from the press.

His profile on says he is a Multi-instrumentalist (Saxophone, flute, piano, bass, guitar) and displays a range of his work, including his album and singles.

Describing his part of his childhood and education he says,

I have spent the equivalent of many lifetimes in the school of hard knocks- where no one ever graduates, there are no diplomas,they don’t give out prizes, there are no clubs or fraternities, no greek letters (although you will get beaten and hazed), its one helluva education- if you get through it in one piece….

Based on the press release for Trouble Man, Vineberg left his hometown of Montreal when he was 14, and fed himself by busking (street performing) on the streets of 1970’s Brooklyn. He became a regular on the No Wave scene and was an original member of James Chance and the Contortions.

The release added Robert “never had any career plan.” Rather, he was guided by the “twin principles of pleasure and joy.”

On his private life, we know he has a stepdaughter, a 33-year-old Christina Soto who told the NY post that her dad is in fact a drug dealer and that he knew PSH but did not sell drugs to the late actor.