Rhonda Rouer–Shooter Michael Dunn’s girlfriend



Meet 46-year-old Rhonda Lynn Hallock Rouer. She is a key witness in her boyfriend’s –Michael Dunn- murder trial.

Rhonda’s boyfriend is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of Jordan Davis, 17, at a Jacksonville, Fla. convenience store in November 2012. Dunn has also pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder for firing at three of Davis’ friends. If you remember about this case when it first happened, you’ll know Rhonda was with Dunn when the incident that took Jordan’s life, occurred.

Rhonda took the stand over the weekend to tell her side of what happened Nov. 23, 2012. Rouer told the jury that her boyfriend had “maybe three or four” rum and sodas at his son’s 2012 wedding, prior to pulling into the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Fla., gas station beside a red Dodge Durango, which was blaring loud music, according to online reports.

She testified that she got out of the car and walked into the gas station. Moments later, Rouer told jurors, “I heard pop, pop, pop.”


According to her Facebook the Florida woman, attended Vogel Jr. H.S., Torrington, CT and Vero Beach Senior High, graduating in the class of 1983. She is the mother on one son, Brandon Rouer.

Rhonda Lynn Hallock was previously married to Mark Thomas Rouer. According to online records, the couple wedded May 22, 1989 in Indian River, Florida.


Rhonda testified  when she turned around she saw Dunn outside the vehicle, and she then exited the store. She claims that Dunn told her to get in the car. When Rouer got in the vehicle, she testified, she saw Dunn put a gun back in the glovebox.

The two went back to their hotel, Rouer said, where Dunn ordered a pizza. She also said Dunn mixed both of them another rum and soda –adding his fifth from his earlier at his son’s wedding –in the hotel room. When Rouer woke up the next morning, she saw reports on TV about the gas-station shooting. She testified that despite having prior plans she demanded that Dunn take her home right away. The two returned to Dunn’s home, where he was later arrested.

It was also previously reported it was Rhonda who begged her boyfriend to leave the scene in spite of his desire to call the police, so there is something not adding up here.


Testimony in the trial highlighted how loud music from the teen’s vehicle initiated a verbal confrontation between Davis and Dunn who told the teens to turn down the music. If her boyfriend is convicted he could face life in jail.

You can find Rhonda on Facebook here.