Rapper Young Jinsu- Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend?



21-year-old Rapper Jinsu who is long time enemy of Justin Bieber was reported to be dating reality T.V royalty star Kendall Jenner! But we are here to set the record straight and for those who were feeling the couple, sorry to say is not happening!

Momager Kris told E! News exclusively on Thursday, Oct. 17 that reports about Kendall dating rapper Young Jinsu are false.

“It’s not her boyfriend,” “She doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

The 17-year-old herself posted on twitter


She had to dismiss the rumors after a report claiming the brunette beauty and the rapper had started seeing each other during the summer and planned to reveal their status after her upcoming 18th birthday. According to People magazine, Jenner is happily in love after the rapper recently posted a photo on Instagram of what appears to be him and Jenner, who is making a heart shape in the sky with her hands.


Kendall’s sister Kylie, 16 – who has been seen in the company of Jayden Smith and rapper L’il Twist, a friend of Jinsu’s – posted the pic to Instagram as well.

The Rhode Island native who shook up the teen-rap scene in 2008 has been previously linked to Jasmine Villegas. He’s been known for opening shows for Method Man, Wu-Tang Clan, & P-Diddy; Young Jinsu heated the internet up with his debut single, a teen-rap tale of heartbreak called “Me & You.”


Jinsu earned his nickname at the age of five. It was his Godfather who noticed the young Jah-Youth Lopez was dressing sharp as a knife, but as the aspiring rapper grew older, he preferred to think it was a reference to his lyrics. His favorite artists include Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Jay-Z, Diddy, Fabolous.

He is signed to Star Quality label and is currently living in L.A.

So don’t worry fellas, Kendall is still a single lady! Despite the rumors, so far Jinsu also appears to be on the market!

You can find Jinsu on twitter here.