Radio presenter Sneha Kothari Mashru – Kenya’s Mall Massacre survivor


Meet Sneha Kothari Mashru, she is one of the Nairobi Mall survivors and her story is one of those that simply gives you chills; Sneha Kothari Mashru described in a recent interview to Standard Digital, how she survived the 4 day Westgate mall attack in Kenya by smearing a teenage boy’s blood all over her body to trick the terrorists into thinking she was dead!

This is some of her astonishing testimony

“I realized he was shot, because he was bleeding,” she said.  “So I pulled out (his) phone slowly and I tried to switch it off, it was all full of blood, and I tried to switch off the phone so that it could stop ringing (in case it alerted the attackers).

“So I took a lot of his blood, (as) much (as) I could and I tried to put it on myself. I put it on my arm, a lot of the teenager’s blood, and while I was trying to put it on my hand I just realized that he had stopped breathing at that time.

“So I put it on my arm, as much as I could, and I covered my face with my hair, because my hair was let loose even then, just to pretend that I’m dead or probably badly injured,”  “I would still love to know who he is and everything, because his blood probably protected me from getting probably more injured or attacked.”


Sneha Kothari was born February 17, and is currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. She speaks English, KiSwahili, Hindi, Gujarati and French.

The radio presenter Sneha, was in the Westgate shopping center on Saturday when terrorists stormed the complex and began shooting people although she is now safe at home with her family she is now living in the dilemma of knowing at least something about the boy, who’s blood saved her.


Sneha Kothari is part of a few groups on Facebook, including Sound Asia FM, The Hindu Council of Kenya {HCK}, Lions Club of Nairobi Peponi, Sanatan Youth Nurturing Community, The Asian Weekly among others.

We are also glad she made it through those unimaginable moments.