Police Officer Darren Wilson is Michael Brown Shooter /killer


By now the name of Michael Brow –the Missouri teen killed on August 9th –is a name we’ve all heard before and sadly his case becomes an addition to the list of apparent hate-crimes against African Americans in recent months.

According to medical officials the St. Louis teen, whose death has sparked riots, looting and mayhem in the city’s Ferguson area, was shot six times! The responsible? A 28-year-old police officer by the name of Darren Wilson.

The police officer reportedly shot Brown twice in the head according to medical officials, who noted that two of the six shots were aimed at his head.


Michael Brown, who did not have a weapon on his person at the time of the incident, took the head shots while his head was slumped forward, indicating they were the final shots fired at him, according to Dr. Michael Baden, the ex-New York City chief medical examiner who performed the autopsy on the felled 18-year-old.

Photos obtained exclusively by Yahoo show Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and the killed unarmed, receiving an award earlier this year for “extraordinary effort in the line of duty.”

One image shows Wilson shaking hands and receiving the commendation from Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. In a second photo, the tall and slender Wilson brandishes smile as he returns to his seat with his honor.

His father John Wilson, posted the images to his Facebook page, which was later deleted. John Wilson wrote on February 11

“Very proud of my son, Darren Wilson on his receiving a Commendation from his Police Department,” . “Congratulations Son.”

Days later Darren’s father turned to Facebook for support without mentioning his son by name. And as expected, Telegraph.uk reports at least 100 people turned out in St Louis on Sunday as a show of support for Darren Wilson.

After days of violence in the mostly black neighborhood of Ferguson where Michael Brown, was killed, it is the first sign of backing for the beleaguered police.

“We’re here to show that it’s OK to support officer Wilson,” said a supporter, passing around a giant card that will be delivered to the policeman.

But things are not looking very positive for the 28-year-old awarded officer. According to a report from CCN; a new eyewitness who recorded footage of Michael Brown on her phone says he was chased down by officer Darren Wilson.

Darren Wilson currently lives in Crestwood, a suburb of St Louis. He grew up in St Peters, another majority white suburb of St Louis, where his family were popular and well thought of – until his mother’s deception was exposed. According to the DailyMail Darren’s mother was a con artist who died when he was in his teens. At age 22, Wilson signed up to join the police and live a life on the other side of the law from that which his mother chose.

He has been put on administrative leave pending an investigation.