Poe Qui Ying Wangsuo (Mr. Pink)- Lindsay Lohan’s Billionaire Benefactor

Looking to hire a Celebrity for Private Engagements?? Well this might just be your lucky day since Lindsay Lohan just might be your girl! Think about it, a girl needs to pay some court bills so she must rely on her notoriety to make money! Luckily for the actress facing some serious charges she still has some people on her side making a miraculous last minute appearance in court all thanks to super generous Mr. Pink! Her billionaire BFF who sent a private jet for her all for the not so bad price of $21,000





So you are probably thinking who is this mysterious Mr. Pink guy? Well we are talking about actually a drink! As it is described on the website:

Mr. Pink is the purveyor of ultra-premium, health and wellness-based beverages for active and sophisticated adults

Mr. Pink’s specially blended products are unusually tasty, full of revitalizing ingredients and personality. Born in sunny Southern California, our brand stands for luxury, style, fun and vitality.


Ok, now that we clear that up, next question is who is behind this Mr. Pink?? Mr. Pink is owned by Poe Qui Ying Wangsuo of Monterey Park, California;  but is run by him and three men under the name Kings Investment Group LLC. They are all based in LA. Their names are Artur Arenyan, Kaine Wen, and Farhad Novanian. I was Arenyan, who works in the beverage business, that allegedly got Wang Sou into Mr Pink.

Along with the help of Wangsou’s party planner Sheeraz Hasan threw a lavish PR party in Beverly Hills back in October 2012 and Lohan received over $75,000 to come to the product presentation! This guy seriously knows how to spend some serious cash and all because he can! The mogul has $2.7 billion fortune, he simply wants to party and be with celebrities. Party planner Hasan has also some other interesting services on his website www.hollywood.tv which include: Creating the coolness factor for your brand, something called Paparazzi On Call, and Celebrity Booking for Private Engagements, parties, events, etc. He also gives Investment Advice…anyone interested?? Maybe Lohan who after she was safe and sound in court, twitted to both Mr. Pink and Hasan:


lindsay's twitter


Ever seen the movie “The great Gatsby” Well here I present to you a real life one! This Wangsuo  loves celebrities, my sources say. To rub shoulders with the rich and famous, he donated $35,800to the Obama Victory Fund in 2011 at a Hollywood fundraiser. But Wangsou keeps a low profile. He leaves the high life to his Romanian girlfriend, known as Monica Gabor. But he counts among his pals Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, with whom Wangsuo hoped to launch Mr Pink in Canada.

Here you can visit Mr. Pink’s Facebook page and here you can learn more about the products…getting thirsty??