PHOTOS: First Look into the New iPhone 5S

new iphone 5s

Hey there IPhone lovers! heard the rumors about a new iPhone 5s? Well it would seem iPhone 5S is the upper scale model of the next generation of iPhones.

The name isn’t for certain but its not to be confuse with iPhone 5c which is the low-cost version of the iPhone; now thanks to leak images you can tell there is a gold version of this phone and that the main difference between the two generations being silver and gold opposed to black and white is exactly the gold color or possibly gold just being a more deluxe version of the phone itself.

A lot of sources have been confirming that the gold iPhone its true and now we only have to wait for the announcement which more likely will happen on Sept 10th and there also been rumors of a Sept 20th release date world wide.


iphone 5 gold

Other images have surfaced of what appears to be the upcoming iPhone 5S shell that reveal modified internal screw attachments and more importantly, a modified home button area, according to reports from

iPhone-5S first pic

There is also of what appears to be a possible fourth color for the iPhone 5S, in grey/graphite. A cool thing about the new rumored iPhone according to the dailymail is that the upcoming iPhone 5S will have a dual LED flash designed to improve photos by adding more light to scenes and by making people look more illuminated.

The one that will offer a variety of colors including blue, yellow, red and green it’s the iPhone 5c  which will be also slightly ticker than the current iPhone 5.

iphone 5c

Another thing to keep in mind is that any new handset that is released will run the company’s new iOS 7 software that is currently going through beta releases with developers, the operating system was announced at Apple’s WWDC event in June and is expected to officially launch on devices in October
Are you thinking of getting any of the new coming models already, which one would you prefer? Or how about getting the scratch-resistant plastic case for iPhone C?

Don’t miss the video! I know you can’t wait to have one!