Patricia Womack – Jodi Arias BFF and Death Penalty Witness

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Patricia Womack is one of the witnesses set to appear on behalf of Jodi Arias during the Sentencing Phase of the trial which was delayed and is scheduled to resume on Monday, May 20. Meaning today! Well believe it or not there is people on Jodi’s side and that would be Patricia.

I guess when you have gone through such deep experiences you know like, partying, drinking, drug abuse; then you know you could do just about anything for your killer friend who is facing the death penalty after passionately killing her ex-boyfriend.

But in a shocking turn of events-that we’ve gotten one almost every day during this trial- Patricia Fawn Womack who planned to testify as a character witness for Jodi Arias in a bid to spare her life decided Monday that she couldn’t go through with it, saying she had received death threats and was deeply conflicted about the case! I guess the friendship wasn’t all that after all!

patricia fawn womack

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We saw Patricia next to Mamma Arias; aka PotHead Patti. Patti laughs in court, wears daisy duke shorts in court, gave the finger to the prosecutor in court! Who can really blame Womack originally from Santa Ana, California. Who in their right mind after watching this never-ending trial could possibly believe in testifying on behalf of Jodi Arias! Patricia being a childhood friend of Arias planned to testify about Arias’ abusive childhood. But she told NBC news in an email:

“I couldn’t do it,” “I feel there is so much good in Jodi to be saved but then also someone’s dear life was taken.”

Prosecutor Juan Martinez ripped into Patricia Womack, the potential witness the defense wanted to call on behalf of Jodi, telling the court that “her drug use” would have been questioned on the stand “as it involves the witness and the defendant.”

Patricia Womack has faced the law before she apparently has an open case with Child Services because of her drug issues, DUI arrest and heroin possession! If I were her I would just stay out of all this mess and straight up my life!

Arias, 32, was found guilty May 8 of first-degree murder. She admitted to killing Alexander after a day of sex. She shot him in the face, stabbed him more than 20 times and slit his throat ear to ear. At trial, she claimed self-defense

Karen DeSoto, a defense lawyer and legal analyst made a real good point, she said there were ways of overcoming Womack’s feelings of intimidation.

“If she really is scared, then turn the cameras off,” she said. “There’s a lot of ways to cure whether somebody can testify. Clear the courtroom.”

Very true, so was it the jiggers that got to Womack?? What do you think??