Pam Mettler: Bruce Jenner’s Sister


Bruce Jenner sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. Sawyer said she sat down one several occasions for this interview, she also talked to members of his family, including one of his two sisters  Mrs. Pam Mettler.

Bruce Jenner the eldest son born to William Jenner and Esther Jenner (nee. McGuire), he has three siblings, his brother Burt who was tragically in a car accident  aged 18 – just three months after Bruce had come home from the 1976 Montreal Olympics with the decathlon gold medal.

Bruce also has two sisters, older sister Pam and younger sis Lisa Jenner. Pam Jenner now known as Pam Mettler.

Pamela  Jenner Mettler bio

66-year-old Pam Mettler who resides in Palm Beach, FL is the co-chairman at the Rehabilitation Center for Children & Adults , Inc. She and her husband Peter Mettler, 66, have one daughter, Christina.

Pam was approached by media in February, she said her younger brother Bruce was like her best friend, hey talked to each other on a daily basis and she supports him with every decision he makes, we guess that includes his transition into a woman.

“Bruce and I talk all the time. We are all very close.”

“Bruce often comes to visit me here, we are best friends. We fully support him. This is Bruce’s story. He will talk about it when he is ready.”

Lisa Jenner Bruce Jenner sister

Bruce’s other sister Lisa Jenner, 47, who lives in Idaho once said her contact with her brother has been very limited, so limited that when she was asked about what was her opinion about Bruce and Kris’ split, she said she knew nothing about it, although she wasn’t surprise.

“Because of how surreal and crazy life is down there [in Los Angeles],” said Lisa, 47, who once called California home before opting for the country life in Idaho where she works in property management.

“I went to school in California, but got away from the city as soon as I could.”