Nick Prugo–Bling Ring Member involved in hire to kill plot with Dawn DaLuise



Not all of the members of the “Bling Ring” have been able to clean up their names, one of the masterminds is in fact behind bars as we speak.

According to online sources Nick Prugo born in 1991, recently violated parole by traveling out of state without permission. TMZ reports he was arrested on Friday after skin –Dawn DaLuise specialist to the stars charged in a murder-for-hire plot dropped a dime on him.

In 2009 Nicholas Frank Prugo who was was described as the new kid at Indian Hills High School, who was hooked on drugs and stole from his parents to support his addiction. Afraid of loosing his new inner circle of friends went along with the robberies. The 23-year-old was also in rehab, saying his struggles with cocaine, alcohol and marijuana may have played a role in his crime spree.

A report from the Vulture, last June Prugo, the son of Frank Prugo, former vice president of First Look Studios; reportedly not only talked to the police “for hours,” at the time when the gang was first busted, but he even went on an extensive talk-show circuit afterward. His initial desire to brag is part of what got him caught in the first place: Facebook photos revealing the crew showing off their stolen wares is partially what led police their way in the first place. Since then, according to the Daily Beast, Prugo is more wary about his Facebook activity. I guess some learned the hard way huh!

After pleading no contest to two counts of first-degree residential burglary, he was the last of the crew to be tried in court and was sentenced to two years in jail. He served one year and was released last April, but once a crook seems to be always one.

Prugo’s two-year sentence was cut in half for “good time” and “work time” credits.


Just to freshen-up your memory, the Bling Ring break-ins netted more than $3 million in jewelry, high-end clothes and art, most of it from Paris Hilton, whose house was burgled several times.

Using social media, the group would track their victims whereabouts, and when they wouldn’t be home.

Besides Hilton, the group struck a who’s who of Hollywood celebrities including Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, as well as Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.

Prugo and his fellow gang members were taken to the big screen in last year’s “The Bling Ring,” a movie based on the 2009 crimes. Prugo was played by Israel Broussard in the film.
During an interview on his life after jail, he said to the Huffpost

I got out of jail in April and every time I would go to court while I was in jail there would always be cameras so it hasn’t really stopped for me. I’m used to it in a weird way and I just try to be as honest as I can and let the real me shine through to show people that I’m not this bad criminal. I am a nice guy.

You can find him on Facebook here.