Who is New NBC Sports Reporter Josh Elliott’s Girlfriend?

Josh Elliott new Girlfriend 2014

Josh Elliott said his goodbyes to his former good Morning America colleagues, as Elliott is the newbie reporter at  NBC Sports, many are wondering is a handsome man like Josh is single, he was married, he was also romantically linked to Liz Cho, are they still dating? if not then who is Josh Elliott’s new girlfriend?

Josh Elliott bio

Josh Elliott, 42, as we all know is the proud father of his beautiful five-year-old daughter Sarina, from his marriage to Priya Narang, their short lived marriage crumbled after Josh accepted he has been a sex addict and some sources reported he was caught right handed with some ESPN interns.

josh-elliott-ex-wife-priya-narang-elliottSarina Elliot Josh Elliott daughterPriya Narang Elliott

In 2012  dating rumors about Josh Elliott and Liz Cho, 43,  the local news anchor at WABC-TV in New York City were reported, it that story we heard  they had been spending a lot of time together, they had been seen going from her place to his, and vice versa, at that moment Liz was married to  her now ex-husband Evan Gottlieb, president of GOCO Development.

Josh Elliott and liz choLiz Cho Husband Evan Gottlieb

Elliott was pointed out as the reason for their split, but sources close to Liz said she was dating Elliott and Evan and Liz had been separated for six months already. The couple have one daughter together, Louisa Simone, 7.

Even if that source claimed Josh Elliott was not dating Liz Cho the rumors about their relationship didn’t stop. Another source close to Elliott said he was upset about people talking about the stories calling him a Diva on the GMA set, mostly because the name of Liz often came up.

“I’m not saying Josh is perfect. He gets it, the news business is a tough one. But there are people who have different agendas and will go to great lengths to protect themselves or to take someone down to make them feel a little better.”

“Josh is baffled and disappointed. He just wants to do good work and spend time with his daughter and his friends.”

“Liz Cho is a beautiful woman and the status is the same as it has been for the past four months. They have been on dates in New York and Connecticut. They get on very well and they are good friends.”

Another source added: ‘What is frustrating is that when you have a situation like this, there is collateral damage like bringing in Liz Cho – who has nothing to do with it. She is the sweetest thing.

“They are two adults who have their own friendship and relationship. It is unfortunate. They are two successful, intelligent and good-looking people whose names have been associated with each other.”

Elliott has been liked to former Real Housewives of NY Kelly Bensimon, after they were spotted having dinner at New York City’s Lure Fishbar, but a source close to him said their dinner was  one time thing after meeting  while she was promoting her new diet book, I Can Make You Hot, adding that they were absolutely not dating.


So after all this dating, can we name any woman as Josh Elliott’s significant other? Well, not really  is he does have a girlfriend, he has been pretty savvy in keeping that a secret and if he is single,   then we can say that he is one of NBC Sports  hottest bachelors!

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