Neil Ely: Singer Kavana’s Boyfriend


British script writer and actor Neil Ely is the boyfriend of 37-year-old singer Anthony Kavanagh a.k.a “Kavana.”


Kavana who is currently in the house of Celebrity Big Brother, came out as gay last year revealing he only regrets not telling his parents.


The Crazy Chance crooner Kavana now part of the upergroup 5th Story on The Big Reunion is said to be dating Neil Ely. The couple has been seeing each other since late last year.


Last year they worked together on a project called “Mirrors.” Neil’s work also includes Celluloid, Three In a bed, Asylum of Grace, ‘Kill Pill, Silence.


Neil was born on the British sunshine coast of Eastbourne, his parents divorced when he was 3, he grew up in his mother’s home town of Manchester, Burnage.


About being gay he said during an interview for

I’ve been lucky, my friends and family are all really open and haven’t had a problem with me being gay.

You can find him on Twitter here.