Nathan Griffith- Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ New Boyfriend

Nathan Griffith

Woah! It seems like teen mom Jenelle Evans is finally having a break! Either her time finally arrived or her mother’s prayers were finally listened! Apparently the guy in the picture is male underwear model Nathan Griffith and he is also the new man in the former teen mom star!!!

Nathan’s girl might technically still be hitched to Courtland Rogers but that is not stopping her from finding happiness along side her extremely sexy new guy. Truth is, she hasn’t showed to make the best decisions when it comes to her love life, she always seems to end up with the wrong guy so by all means she definitely deserves a break and someone that can help her find some light in her messy personal life! On June fourth an ecstatic Jenelle twitted

jenelle evans new man

“Because I’m going to be the guy that makes all the bad sh** in her life go away and help her realize what a great person she is without the media highlighting her life to make her look bad. i guarantee everyone has skeletons to hide and she is strong enough to deal with hers in public. And so what she wants to go out in public and go on a date and be normal. I want to show her a positive life so she can move forward in the future.”

Unfortunately ladies, he does not have a twitter but according to his Facebook he is from Athens, OH; currently lives in Little River, South Carolina, studies civil engineering technology and works as a front liner at Wyndham Worldwide and is also a part time model at Exceed Images, LLC

We’re not sure how they met or when they started dating but it is definitely a new romance, could this guy really be serious about her?? Those lines seems stolen from a movie or something, it’s what every girl wants to hear right! So what do you think incredibly sweet or full of baloney??

Nathan’s rocking body has been object of several tweets pointing the obvious on how hot he is! He is a 25-year-old model after all! He seems to be a well grounded guy who know what he wants but I guess only time will tell.

Jenelle’s had a rough year. She’s battled heroin addiction and been arrested. She’s been accused of cyber stalking and suffered a miscarriage. However, it looks like she is leaving all that behind and moving on with her life!