Natalina Maggio gladiator Lee Reherman’s girlfriend

Meet Natalina Maggio

Natalina Maggio famous boyfriend, Lee Reherman has died. Lee, an actor and TV presenter was best known for his role as “Hawk” on the original ’90s incarnation of the athletic competition series American Gladiators. Lee Reherman was 49.

Sources say Lee had been feeling unwell in days leading up to his death, though is still not clear what exactly cause his demise. According to Variety, Lee underwent a hip replacement surgery two months ago.

Lee attended Cornell University, where he became a football star. eherman got his acting start with a minor role on Columbo in 1992, following it up with a film appearance in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Last Action Hero. The next year, he gained national prominence when he joined the cast of Gladiators, utilizing his powerful physique and football skills in more than a hundred episodes of the syndicated series.

Following the U.S. incarnation of Gladiators ended in 1996, Reherman made his way into the wider Hollywood acting business. Thanks to his dominant presence, Lee appeared on dozens of TV shows and movies—including The X-Files, Leverage, Chuck, and Terriers.

He also worked frequently in a hosting role, helming numerous car-based documentary series like Forza Motorsports Showdown and Hot Rod TV for Speed.

Most recently he landed a gig on an episode of The CW’s Jane The Virgin, delivering play-by-play commentary of the titular heroine’s parenting techniques. His body was found by girlfriend, Natalina Maggio, reports say.


Natalina Maggio took to social media to pay tribute to Lee Reherman, she wrote:

I will never say goodbye in my heart there is no way I can ever do that.!!MY Baby! My Leo! I will miss u holding my hand while driving you always insisted, you held every door open for me, you would wait for me to come home every night just so you had me next to you, you ran to CVS early in the morning if I needed medicine, you went to Target with me and insisted on doing the Cartwheel lol, you made me laugh every day and made sure I had everything I needed.

Natalina Maggio, also an actress, continued:

You sacrificed for me and others so unselfishly!!You had the BIGGEST HEART and I got to see it the most in your most vulnerable moments! He loved his family deeper than any ocean! He only wished to have the time to see more of them and do more and I saw those breakdowns!!!

Natalina Maggio and Lee did everything together, from going to the gym or just cuddling on the couch. The couple also enjoyed entertainment with friends and taking walks on the beach.

She finished her tribute to her boyfriend of years, saying:

You were MY ROCK, MY BEST FRIEND, and MY LOVE….there are no words for how much you have enriched my life over these past 7yrs. I just wish there was more and I feel cheated but God gave me 7 amazing years. You said it to me this week “boy has it been amazing!” I wish I had said back and I am saying it to the public. It was amazing because HE WAS AMAZING!!

Accoridng to her own website, Natalina –a model, actress, voice-over artist, & writer –has appeared on CBS’s “Battle Creek,” FOX’s “Raising Hope,” NBC’s“Community,” Comedy Central’s “Workaholics,” & FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.”

The California native, was born March 27, 1982. Maggio is Santiago High School graduate. She studied Communications at California State University, Fullerton.

She made her television debut in “I Did Not Know That.” “You migh also know her from “MAD TV” where she impersonated Kristen Davis’s character “Charlotte” from “Sex & the City.” This led to her next roles on Will Smith’s CW show “All Of Us,”

& NBC’s “Life,” where she played Lena in the episode “The Fallen Angel.”  She then made her feature film debut as Candy in “Mob Rules,”a pulse-pounding action film, followed by her first lead role in the film “The Last Stop.”

Natalina Maggio is also a hit in the voice over world. She first lent her distinctive voice to the International Japanese animated series “Gunparade March.” That breakthrough role paved the way for VO for the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, & a number of Video Games.

Natalina Maggio has also been seen as a model in blockbuster hits such as: “Iron Man 2,” “In Time,” “Lincoln Lawyer,”

“Larry Crowne,” “Social Network,” “Killers,” “Just Go With It,” “Get Him to the Greek,” “Couples Retreat,” “Family Wedding.”

We send our condolences to Natalina Maggio and the rest of Lee Reherman’s friends and family.

You can find Natalina Maggio on Instagram here.