Natalia Poklonskaya – Crimea´s Sexiest Attorney!


Gorgeous Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya who was appointed new Crimean attorney general just a few days ago is taking social media by storm! She was born in 1980 and attended the University of Internal Affairs in Yalta.

The sexy blonde who is equally knowledgeable in law and fashion held a press conference after a Ukrainian soldier was shot on Tuesday. But when personal pictures of her on social media websites where discover, the world started to see her with different eyes. Poklonskaya’s red shoes and nylon-clad legs are driving admirers wild across the world.

According to online reports, the 33-year-old who previously worked as a lawyer in Kiev is the latest

the latest pawn in Vladimir Putin’s war to win Crimea. As you might have guessed she’s 100 percent on the side of Russia. She hates the protesters who took over Kiev and believes Ukraine is being overrun by scoundrels.

So what’s all the fuzz about her? Watch her transform from stone cold attorney to hot-glamorous

“Секс-символ” (sex symbol) below!






The popularity of the model-looks Natalia, has even prompted Japan’s gaming community to developed a crush on the blue-eyed attorney general. While a video of the press conference held a few days ago has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times not minding the fact that is all in her native language!

She has also been portrayed in her own anime, inspired of course by her.


According to the Poklonskaya has also spurred a Tumblr craze, postings of several images of her can be found saying how Crimea’s new prosecutor has wowed the internet with her brains and beauty and now dozens of anime artists want to draw her.

Whether or not Natalia will play her cards right in the Crimean crisis, it’s safe to say no matter where you are from, beauty is indeed a powerful weapon and women in all parts of the world have a little black dress and bright red heels in their closets!