Morgan McLeod- Ex- SF 49Ers cheerleader and Contestant at Survivor: Cagayan

Morgan McLeod Survivor Cagayan contestant 49ers cheerleader

Check out Morgan McLeod, she has been dubbed the sexiest  contestant at this Survivor : Cagayan season, you can’t miss Morgan, or her curvilicious body, she is for sure of hard piece of candy you want to know about!

Along Alexis Maxwell, Morgan  is the youngest contestant at Survivor: Cagayan and member of the Beauty Tribe.

Morgan McLeod Survivor Cagayan pic

Morgan McLeod Survivor Cagayan pics

21-year-old Morgan McLeod was born on July 9, 1992 in California, she on her senior year at Archbishop Mitty high school when she became a NFL cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers cheerleader squad the 40Ers Golden Rush, she quit the squad when she enrolled at San Jose State University where she studies business communications. Morgan is assistant to CEO at Viva La Tan Salon in Cali.

Morgan McLeod sf 49ers cheerleader photoMorgan McLeod sf 49ers cheerleader pic

Morgan McLeod sf 49ers cheerleader pictureMorgan McLeod sf 49ers cheerleader

OK it’s pretty obvious Ms. McLeod is a Ers’ fan, but is she into other sports? well, it seems that she is also a MLB fan, check her cheering fir the SF Giants!

Morgan McLeod Survivor Cagayan sexy photo

and what about her family? we can tell you her entire family is as beautiful as she is, her mom Dawn Marie (nee. Norton), 48,  is gorgeous and her sister Erin is just as pretty as Morgan, her dad Scott is looking very handsome, can’t believe he is 53, Good genes!

Morgan McLeod Survivor Cagayan family picMorgan McLeod Survivor Cagayan family

Is Morgan McLeod Single? nope, she is not single, her Superman Kevin Brown is the lucky guy dating this Californian beauty.

Morgan McLeod boyfriend Kevin Brown

Morgan McLeod boyfriend picMorgan McLeod boyfriend picsMorgan McLeod boyfriend picture

Find Morgan McLeod on Facebook here, Twitter here and Instagram here.

Photo credit : Viva La Tan salon