Mohammed Afar- Syria’s 11-year-old Deadliest Killer

mohammed afar

See the kid in the picture? Well let me introduce you! He is an 11-year-old boy named Mohammed Afar and his young self is making the headlines around the world as the killing machine in Syria! Crazy huh! Many children in Afar’s country are sadly used for military purposes and Mohammed is one of them.

Definitely a crazy thing but nonetheless true. He is not your average 11-year-old who likes sci-fi movies, skateboarding, Harry Potter books, computer games, burning ants, irritating girls, cartoon network, video games, playing with pets, watching T.V, bike riding you name it right; but instead of only liking sci-fi movies it looks like he is “in” one, called “real life”

Afar lives in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo and is usually seen carrying an AK-47 along with live ammunition and a walkie-talkie. He might not be much taller than his assault rifle but he already has heinous thoughts, stating to

“I want to stay as a fighter until Bashar is killed,”

Expressing his desire to kill the country’s leader. He is the son of Mohammed Saleh Afar who proudly calls him “little lion” and reveals the boy is a great shooter! Afar who is obviously influenced by his father says:

“When my father goes to the frontline, he takes me with him. He says to be careful and we find a safe place to shoot from.”

His mother and two sisters stay home while he is away with his father. Although he is not taken to front lines where is much more dangerous according to members of his unit, is shocking to imagine, at his young age how many people has died because of him! Young Mohammed is respected by older fighters around him whom are children themselves but call him “good shot”

The boy wears a jacket marked with the badges of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA). Afar who should be in school says he does not miss his class room but rather go with his father who comes from a conservative Salafists belief and doesn’t see the wrong on taking his little lion along.

Afar says he admires the fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra, who are composed of hardline Islamists subscribing to Takfiri ideology. Think he will get to 15?